On trend - nature-inspired interior designs for your home

On trend - nature-inspired interior designs for your home

Tepilo outlines the top tropical and nature-inspired interior design trends for homeowners keen to reflect the summer season in their property.

On trend - nature-inspired interior designs for your home

With the summer heatwave set to continue, you might want to give your home some tropical flair to suit the conditions.

With this in mind, we have compiled five tropical and naturistic design trends that will allow you to reenergise your home, giving it a new lease of life.

The sharp cactus theme

Bring an exotic aesthetic to your home this season with a cactus theme. The beauty of this trend is that styles vary – you can go all out or keep it as subtle as you please.

Themes and styles range from cactus-shaped ornaments and cactus candle holders to cactus-themed wallpaper. Don’t forget an actual cactus, too! Embracing this theme will allow your décor to look interesting, while incorporating a tropical vibe at the same time.

House plants

House plants have exploded in popularity over recent years, with monstera and sansevieria becoming UK favourites.

Aquatic plants work well for the less green-fingered as they need to be watered less, while patterned foliage with striped leaves adds even more life to your space.

For extra pizzazz, try dwarf fruit trees in the home. That way, your home will look more unique and you can reap the rewards of some fruit to boot!


This trendy motif returns for another year and can add an eclectic vibe to any space. Whether it’s pineapple-shaped mirrors, ornaments, holders or soap dispensers, images of the tropical fruit can spruce up the décor in any home.

Also consider trendy wallpaper, pineapple-shaped glasses for the kitchen and a picture or two for the living room. This, coupled with blush pinks and nude leathers, can look appealing and brighten a room.

Tropical prints

The tropical trend seems to be stronger than ever, and it’s evolving too. It’s now less about bright, vibrant colours with vivid shocks of colour and more about mixing plenty of lush, energising greens to create a jungle-esque vibe.

Rich shades of green look striking against dark woods and furniture. Think scale leaf prints, oversized colourful insects, safari wildlife and exotic birds – artificial ones of course!

Lush feathers

For an even more colourful interior refresh, consider incorporating the reclaimed feather – one of the trends with close connections to nature.

The beauty of feathers is, as well as bringing a colourful, tropical and wild sense to your décor, they suit any colour scheme. The more neutral your palette, the more you can play around with it.

As always, if you’re a homeowner thinking about selling your home in the future, it’s valuable to keep abreast of the hottest interior design trends.

Incorporating them into your home (where appropriate) could attract more prospective buyers and ultimately increase the eventual sale price of your property.