Five ways to transform your home on a budget

Five ways to transform your home on a budget

Making home improvements can be expensive, so Tepilo has put together a selection of small changes homeowners can make without breaking the bank.

Five ways to transform your home on a budget

As a homeowner, there may come a time where you want to make some adjustments and improvements to your property.

While it does depend on what kind of enhancements you want to make, not everything has to cost a fortune. In fact, sometimes the smallest touches can make all the difference to revitalise your space.

Combining our own expertise with some top tips from interiors and garden experts, we outline five cost-effective changes that you can make to give your property a new lease of life.

A creative kitchen

Extra storage space will always come in handy, especially when it compliments your décor.

You could therefore consider banishing plain plastic packaging and packing your dry goods in a collection of glass jars instead. These can be displayed on a worktop or open shelving. As well as keeping things organised, this can add an arty feel to your kitchen.

The best thing is these jars cost very little and are useful for storing sugar, flour or pasta – making them one of the simplest, most cost-effective and useful kitchen displays.

Find the right light

Lighting, both natural and artificial, can be used in numerous ways to spruce up any space. This could be something as simple as buying a fresh shade for your lamp or purchasing matching stylish table lamps. By placing one on either side of your sofa or bed, your space will have a light, cohesive style.

Minor fixes can also make a huge difference, such as changing your generic light switch to a coloured one or using an electric cable in a shade that contrasts your colour scheme. Doing so can brighten the overall mood of your home.  

Utilise colour

A lick of paint in the home can provide your property with the boost it really needs. Painting is relatively quick, inexpensive and you can do it yourself. Best of all – if you don’t like the end result, you can just go over it again!

You could consider making a statement with a bold feature wall, or go all out and decorate the space with an intense shade. You could even opt for a stylish two-tone scheme. Whatever you decide, refreshing your walls with a new shade could be even more effective than you imagined.

Spruce up your garden

Getting some nice furniture in statement colours can make all the difference between an ordinary garden and a colourful, unique one. If you don’t want to break the bank by purchasing new items, you can upcycle by painting over some old furniture.

Alternatively, you could reverse the trend by creating an ‘outdoor’ room instead of freshening the garden. House plants are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in.

Reflect the finer things

Mirrors work as a cost-friendly alternative to art in the home. Use them to add light to your walls, or mix and match them with different styles – from geometric shapes to mirror motifs and pendants – to bring elegance and personality to even the smallest of spaces. Of course, even a classic mirror can make a charming addition to an understated room – it all depends on preference.

Sometimes the simplest solutions can leave the biggest impact, so by making these little improvements and refreshing your décor, you can bolster your chances of attracting more prospective buyers when you come to sell your home in the future.