The Best Cities in the UK for Foodies

The Best Cities in the UK for Foodies

Location is one of the most important factors when buying a new home, so where should devoted foodies be looking? Online estate agents Tepilo look into the UK's top spots for eating out.

The perfect place to live isn’t just down to bricks and mortar – for foodies, the restaurant scene is just as important to consider before moving to a new area. We researched the top foodie hotspots in the UK to help taste-enthusiasts find their perfect home!


With more restaurants per head than any other UK city, the Scottish capital had to be at the top of our list. A whole host of Michelin star restaurants such as The Kitchin and 21212, makes Edinburgh a must for any food-enthusiast. There’s plenty of affordable restaurants to sample as well; with street food from Tuk Tuk and hipster coffee from Artisan Roast, every meal can be a delicious treat. Plus, there’ll be plenty of dates to add to your calendar with Ed Food Fest, Foodies Festival, and Edinburgh Vegan Festival going on throughout the year!

A house in Edinburgh will cost an average of £268,000 but grab your property quickly as prices are set to soar.

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London may be an obvious choice, but for good reason! The sheer size and variety in London makes it the perfect place for eating out – whether it’s in central London or trendy Camden. Dine out at The Ritz for a special occasion or go for laid-back Thai food at Som Saa. You can even stop for late night bagels on Brick Lane, with traditional Jewish-style bakeries open 24 hours.

Properties here cost a bomb, with the average London house price at £602,000, so your new foodie lifestyle best be worth it!

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The seaside town of Brighton is famous for its vibrant nightlife and green politics, but what about the restaurant scene? Well, foodies will not be disappointed! Brighton residents can be found tucking into an eclectic mix of cuisines – from locally sourced oysters to flavourful vegan specialities. And with regular food events to add to the diary, you’ll be kept busy all year round!

A property for sale in Brighton will cost around £374,000 – not a bad price to be situated in the centre of a bustling food scene.

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The food capital of the North is set to rival London with its range of foodie destinations – from haute cuisine to edgy pop-up restaurants. Sample delicious Indian street food from the likes of Mowgli and Bundobust, or juicy burgers and fries at Almost Famous. But don’t stop there, with the launch of the Channel 4 programme Million Pound Menu, you may even get the chance to try one of the temporary restaurants competing for investment.

Perhaps the cheapest of the bunch in terms of property prices, houses for sale in Manchester tend to go for an average of £186,000

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