Tips on creating a Scandinavian Interior

Tips on creating a Scandinavian Interior

Estate Agents Tepilo offer some advice on how to create the must have Scandinavian style in your own home.

The way Scandinavian’s decorate their homes has really captured the British people’s imagination, ‘hygge’ really has taken over. The distinct Scandinavian look has been hailed in every interior blog and magazine and can be seen all over Pinterest and Instagram.

Our Nordic neighbours focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality within their interior design and it’s easy to see why. With long winters and freezing temperatures, Scandinavians see home as so much more than a place to sleep. In Denmark, Norway and Sweden, interior design is a big deal as people spend so much time within their homes. They often prefer to entertain in their homes instead of venturing out into the cold – and we don't blame them.

Bu if you’re wondering how to create this look in your own home – we’re here to help.


Neutralise your colour scheme


The Scandinavians favour neutral hues over bold bright colours, so if you want to adopt their style, you’ll have to ditch the vibrant paint and wallpaper. Whites, greys, blacks are browns should become your colour palette and are often interwoven to create a clean and calming look.

As Meghan Adamo, a writer for NY-based furniture company France & Son (  suggests ‘besides wood tones and warm metallics the main colour palette of Scandinavian interiors is neutral whites, greys, and blues. Recently colours like dusty pink and seafoam greens have gained traction as the pop of colour in Scandinavian decor. Though walls are traditionally kept white, any neutral colour on the walls will still allow you to achieve the look. The neutral colour palette helps maintain a clean, calming appearance in the space that’s in line with the idea of being in harmony with your environment that’s a part of the Scandinavian design philosophy.’


Layer soft textiles

Keeping things cosy is key when it comes to Scandinavian interior design, they’re masters at layering different textiles to create a tranquil atmosphere.  In cold climate countries, it’s not surprising that part of the decor comes in the form of warming textiles like sheep skins, wool or mohair throws and soft cotton. Not only do they provide a feeling of warmth and cosiness, but they also add another layer of texture to a space.

In your living room or bedroom, try draping faux fur throws over surfaces to make them extra comfy. Add extra dimension with cable knit cushions and fluffy woollen rugs, because the little touches make all the difference. Again, stick to a neutral colour palette to avoid any potential colour clash and enjoy that hygge feeling! 


Keep Minimalism in mind


Scandinavian design revolves around a ‘less is more mantra’ so make sure things don’t look cluttered or busy. One of the most prominent characteristics of Scandinavian interior design is to make sure that spaces are well used and limited in unnecessary clutter. As Iris Wingfield, writer at Flat Pack suggests ‘Scandinavian interior design is founded on minimalism and simplicity. Minimalist interior design means that you only need the necessities.’ Due to this minimalist mantra that the Scandinavians adopt adequate storage is key to achieving this look


Lighting is key


Due to the lack of light during the winter months in Scandinavia, lighting becomes a crucial part of their interior design. The idea is to allow as much sunlight into your home as possible. Large windows with wooden frames and transparent or light curtains are perfect! A lot of candles can also be added to the interior, they can complete the look that you are going for and will fulfil the goal of having more light inside. Light is a life source within Scandinavian interiors and rooms usually have several types of lighting for adequate and mood building illumination.



So, keeping things cosy, minimal and bright are all essential ways to bring a slice of Scandinavia into your home. Are you going to give it a try?