Revealed: The best places to sell a home in the UK

Revealed: The best places to sell a home in the UK

Online property experts Tepilo analyse a study which details some of the best places to sell a home in England and Wales.

Location plays a vital role in any successful property sale, so it's always interesting to note which parts of the UK are the best places to sell a home.


Fortunately, home buyer Quick Move Now and property website Home have jointly carried out research into this very topic, listing the 20 of the best locations in which to sell a home.


If you're looking to sell a home fast, you're best off in Bedford, the county town of Bedfordshire and a thriving commuter hub.


Of course, location is just one factor when it comes to selling a home – effective marketing, getting your home seen by as many would-be buyers as possible, a slice of good fortune and favourable market conditions all play their part as well.


The top 20 best locations to sell share a number of similar features. For example, Bedford, Northampton, Basildon, Rochester, Sutton, Watford, Reading, Milton Keynes, Woking, Redhill, Luton and Bracknell are all popular commuter towns with good transport links to London. Millions of commuters journey in from the outskirts to the centre of London every day, so homes in areas that are commuter-friendly always have significant appeal and tend to be taken off the market quickly.


In Bedford, property is snapped up in an average time of just 76 days. The town benefits from affordable homes, easy access to green space and the countryside, good local schools and a more family-friendly, community-led atmosphere than London itself.


Towns located on the South Coast – or, more specifically, the South East Coast – are also in high demand, offering that perfect blend of seaside living, more affordable house prices and the wonder and beauty of the South Downs National Park on your doorstep. Portslade-on-Sea (average of 85 days on the market) and Hove (100 days on the market) both made the top 20, taking advantage of their close connections to Brighton – often known as London by the sea – and their coastal appeal to become a magnet for would-be buyers. For those who don't want the busier, buzzier feel of Brighton, Portslade-on-Sea and Hove offer something a bit calmer and quieter.


Eastbourne, too, a traditional seaside town which is just a few miles from some of England's most stunning cliff-top scenery, is a popular destination, with property tending to stay on the market for only 100 days.


Waterlooville, a town in Hampshire not far from Portsmouth, is another popular location, with properties remaining on the market for only an average of 83 days. Close to the coast, close to the South Downs and a commutable distance to London (trains from nearby Havant station can reach London Waterloo in 1hr 14 minutes), its appeal isn't hard to fathom, offering buyers urban living in a location surrounded by lovely countryside.


As well as London's commuter-belt, and its outer-outer commuter belt, the research also showed that the South West is a good place to be for sellers, with Bristol, Swindon and Gloucester all making the top 20. In fact, Bristol and Swindon took the second and third spots, with properties selling in 79 days and 81 days respectively.


You can't, of course, do much about the location of your home, but if you happen to live in London's commuter belt, on the South East coast or in parts of the South West, you should feel confident about getting your home sold fast.


In all cases, though, a bright, attractive, well-maintained and welcoming home will have a much better chance of selling than a drab, tired and shabby one.


If you market and advertise your property well and get as many would-be buyers to see your home as possible, your chances of securing an offer will be high no matter where you are in the country.