What Colour Should I Paint My Front Door?

What Colour Should I Paint My Front Door?

Estate Agents Tepilo offer some advice on how to make the most of your front door.

 It’s the first thing that people see as they approach your home – but does your front door disappoint?

The front door is the face of your home, it’s the first thing anyone will notice about your property and it’s where many homeowners feel they have a little more freedom to go wilder with colour.

Whether you're selling your home or just fancy a change, a new front door or a lick of paint can make all the difference. A bright front door really can impress potential buyers and give your home a facelift. The right door can add to your property’s value and make an important first impression about what lies behind it.

Sarah Beeny suggests that ‘you should make your front door sing’ after all who would want a dull front door when glazing, decorative panels or a coat of paint can make yours special?

A front door is the perfect place to express your inner craving of colour – bright yellows, pinks or turquoise are all excellent options.

Obviously, you need to bear in mind the surround; red brickwork calls for a contrasting shade, such as a sophisticated green. Perhaps only a home with a neutral, plastered white render could take something as vivid as purple, but the results can be sensational. Alternatively, you could go for something ultra-contemporary, go for grey, stark-black or an aluminium finish. 

After all, first impressions really do count, so make sure your front door looks shipshape. Be adventurous with your colour choice and make your home stand out from the crowd, a cheery yellow can complement red brick excellently, meanwhile, a rich purple can give your home a modern feel and really turn heads.

However, if you’re not feeling quite that brave greys, black or greens are classic and sophisticated and you can’t go wrong with pillar box red! If you want to keep with tradition go for wood, but add an interesting element such as a glazed panel or a patterned or stained glass insert.  

According to Houzz the most popular front door colours are currently, black, white, grey, wood, blue and red.                                     

So, are you ready for a change? And what colour will you paint your front door?