Simple Ways To Decorate A Roof Terrace

Simple Ways To Decorate A Roof Terrace

With summer soon approaching Tepilo share some creative ways to decorate a roof terrace

Now that summer is hopefully on its way we’re turning all our attention to the great outdoors, however, if you live in the middle of a bustling city, any green space to call your own is hard to come by. Within a city, you’re hard pressed to find much space to breathe in fresh air and while cities like London, have an abundance of green spaces and parks that offer a nice reprieve from city living, they’re simply not as good as being in your own home.


     However, some city dwellers are lucky enough to have access to their very own rooftop space, and while it may appear to be yet another dull slab of concrete, there is the opportunity to get creative, the sky is the limit, literally. If you’ve got a key eye for design and a craving for outdoor relaxation you can transform your rooftop into the perfect outdoor refuge.


Keep it cosy

You want your roof terrace to be the perfect place to relax, and your furnishings need to reflect this. Remember, a rooftop is nothing more than a combination of steel, brick, and concrete – so making it cosy is no easy feat. You’ll need to add a soft touch, a few outdoor rugs, comfy chairs and lots of cushions. Add fairy lights, outdoor heaters and lanterns to keep thigs cosy in the evenings.

Get your shades on

Whether your roof top terrace is four stories up or forty – it’s going to get hot. Being higher up creates a sun trap, which is brilliant for you – however, you’re going to need some shade. By adding a large umbrella or canopy you can stay outdoors and beat the heat.

Go green

When it comes to roof terraces, you should look for plants that are durable, and do not require much care, because some types of roof gardens can be an extremely unfavourable environment. The problem with roof terraces is that invariably they are exposed to the wind and the sun, with very little shade, and the plants need to be kept permanently in planters which can cause them to dry out quickly. Plants useful for these areas will most probably have to be fairly drought and wind tolerant. Olive trees and bamboo plants are our top picks! Michelle from Michelle Lee Designs recommends introducing 'vibrant, colourful pots featuring trailing flowers and flower
boxes made out of recycled pallets. Herb gardens create a delightful culinary addition to the space. Hanging strings of tiny white lights add twinkle and a whimsical touch.'

Get cooking

No need for a back garden, a roof terrace is the perfect place for a BBQ. Add a grill for cookouts and an outdoor dining table for summer evening parties -everyone will want to come and visit. If you can make it work, install a fire pit for those winter chilly nights and with a little creativity you can transform your rooftop into a year-round retreat.

Make it fun

Besides just looking good you want your roof terrace to be a place of fun and entertainment, the perfect place to host a party. Make sure you’ve got speakers up there and you’re all ready to go!