Ideas for what to do with your Spare Room

Ideas for what to do with your Spare Room

Online estate agents Tepilo recommend some useful suggestions about what to do with your neglected spare room


If you have the champagne -problem of having a spare room with no clear idea of what to do with it – it can easily become a dumping ground, where suitcases, Christmas decorations and clutter can find a home. If your spare room’s only purpose is collecting dust it’s time to change things, your spare room can become an asset to your home so it is time to make the most of it.



Private Bar


Now, this is an idea we can really get behind, having your own private bar within your home would certainly make you the ideal host or hostess.  Ideally, your in-home bar would have a sink and fridge so you won’t have to keep running to the kitchen and of course, you’ll need the necessary dartboard and jukebox. You can even go further and jump on the ‘craft at home’ trend and turn your spare room into your very own distillery or brewery.




A bit of a bookworm? If your idea of heaven is getting lost in a good book, then why create your own personal library in your spare room? Fill shelves upon shelves of your favourite bestsellers and make sure there’s plenty of comfy seating as well as overhead lighting, so you can read any time of day or night.


Walk-in Wardrobe


Why not channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and create your own walk-in wardrobe? If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams then this is the perfect answer for you – believe us, you’ll thank us later!




Fed up of your expensive gym membership? Then get serious about your fitness at home – you’ll soon run out of excuses and on to the treadmill if your gym is in your own home. You don’t even need any state-of -the-art kit just a set of workout mats and a set of weights and you’re half way there.


Games Room


Your home will be a much better place with a games room; so, if it's air hockey, video games or even just monopoly that you love – why not dedicate a whole room to it.



Home Office


If you want to ditch the commute and start working from home, then a home office is a necessity. Keep distractions to a minimum, otherwise, you won’t be at your most productive. You need to set boundaries for your home office to clearly signify that it is a space for work – only spend time working in that space, rather than migrating to your couch or kitchen.  Good lighting, fast internet and a comfortable office chair are must-haves.


Rent it out


With the government “rent a room” scheme in place you could earn up to £4250 per year from renting out a room in your home before you must pay tax. If you live in a University town, you’ll be spoiled for choice of potential lodgers. Having someone else living in your home isn’t for everyone but it’s a cost-effective way of getting the most from your spare room.


Home Cinema


Get some blackout curtains, comfy chairs, a big screen and most importantly popcorn, and you’ll have your very own private cinema. 



So get going and make your once neglected spare room the heart of your home.