Follow us on a blue plaque tour of London

Follow us on a blue plaque tour of London

A guide to London's most famous homes.


London has no shortage of famous residents and the blue plaques that celebrate those attract a huge interest and value to a select few homes in Britain. Blue Plaques commemorate the former homes of major historical and cultural figures. Not only do blue plaques add historical significance, they also add prestige to the buildings they are adorned to and have even been known to save properties from being demolished. So, it is no wonder that blue plaque properties come with a huge price tag as not only do you have to contend with London’s sky-high property prices but also with the price of buying a slice of history.


Jimi Hendrix

Where: 23 Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4HA

When: The music icon briefly moved to his London property in 1968, aptly next-door to another blue plaque adorned building, for the composer Handel.

How much: The average estimated value of a property in Brook St, Mayfair is £6.1m


Vincent Van Gogh

Where: 87 Hackford Road, Brixton, SW9 0RF

When: Van Gogh lodged at the home of Ursula and her daughter Eugenie, who Van Gogh reportedly fell in love with in August 1873.

How Much: The house was purchased in 2012 by James Wang for £575,000 who stated: “I can’t afford a Van Gogh painting but I can afford his house!”


Bob Marley

Where: 34 Ridgmount Gardens, WC1E 7AS

When: The reggae legend lived here in 1972 and used to play football in nearby Regents Park

How Much: The average house price for this area is £820,202


George Orwell

Where: 50 Lawford Road, Kentish Town, NW5 2LN

When: The writer of 1984 and Animal Farm lived here during 1936-1940 and researched many of his books at this property.

How Much: The average house price for this area is £857,805


Winston Churchill

Where: 28 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, SW7 5DJ

When: Wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill lived here from 1909-1913

How Much: The average property in the area is £5.2m however, Churchill’s old home is valued at £14.8m.


Sylvia Plath

Where: 3 Chalcot Square, Primrose Hill, NW1 8YB

When: Although only a resident here for 1 year in 1960, Plath published her first volume of poetry here and wrote her only novel, reportedly Plath could hear seals barking from London Zoo in her London home. After a brief stint in Devon, Plath returned to London to a house once inhabited by WB Yeats, complete with a blue plaque.

How Much:  In stark contrast to the six guineas a week it cost then, the average estimated value of the property is £4.54m.



Oscar Wilde

Where: 34 Tite Street, Chelsea, SW3 4AJ

When: The famous novelist lived in the fashionable Chelsea district from 1884 to 1895, whilst living here he wrote most of his principle works.

How Much: The average house price for this area is £2,422,349