Millions of home owners regret home décor changes

Millions of home owners regret home décor changes

With research revealing that many home owners regret their home décor decisions, online estate agency Tepilo outlines how these pitfalls can be minimised.

Home décor plays a key role in the properties we live in, but it can also prove to be a source of regret for many. Remarkably, almost one in five home owners in the UK have made design changes to their home in the past 12 months that they’ve later regretted.

A study, conducted by tech start-up DigitalBridge, also found that 29% of Brits are putting off home décor changes altogether because they are afraid of making a wrong move or bad choice.

Rapidly changing trends, a wide range of furniture styles and colours, and a seemingly endless assortment of floor and wall coverings are all helping to leave millions of people befuddled and confused. This, alongside issues with visualising how a finished project will look, is deterring many from changing up their home décor.

To highlight the issue even further, over one in ten people have regretted a terrible design decision so much they have ended up shelling out more money to cover-up their bad choices.

The findings were part of a wider report which aimed to investigate the effect of what is known as the ‘imagination gap’. This is when consumers delay or put off buying items because they can’t visualise what the products will look like in their home or where exactly they’ll be located.

Decorator’s remorse among home owners is common, with 40% of those surveyed saying they had returned products that didn’t look as imagined when placed in a room, while a further third of people returned products that ‘didn’t look right’.

Over half of those surveyed, meanwhile, changed their minds about buying new furniture because they couldn’t visualise it in their homes, while the same number of people decided against new wallpaper or paint for the same reason.

Any change to a home is a major decision and needs careful consideration. Revamping home décor can be costly and time-consuming and, as a home owner, you will be determined to get it right first time. You don’t want to be rectifying mistakes at a later date, as this will only cost you more time, money and effort.       

Everyone has different tastes, but neutral colours – whites, creams, pale greens, light blues, etc. – tend to have the widest appeal because they are more subtle and tasteful. If you are thinking of selling your home, neutral is the way to go. Quirky or garish décor will limit your pool of potential buyers – for every one person who might like it, ten more won’t. With such poor odds, it’s not really worth the risk.

If you are keen to be on-trend in 2017, check out our recent blog post on the home interior trends that are set to dominate in the year ahead. Hygge, cerused wood finishes and satin brass are three of the ones to look out for.

You shouldn’t be put off making changes to your home décor if you think it is the right thing for your property, but naturally you won’t want to regret something that can’t easily be erased afterwards. Seek expert advice and second opinions before taking any drastic action, and make sure that any major projects are well planned and carried out to the highest possible standards. If this requires calling in the professionals, so be it. It might cost in the short-term, but you’ll be glad of this investment in the long-run.

When it comes to home décor changes, minimising the risk of making bad choices is the sensible, prudent approach to take.