Interior design: The hottest home trends in 2017

Interior design: The hottest home trends in 2017

Hygge, greenery and satin brass – estate agency Tepilo predicts some of the hottest home interior design trends for the year ahead.

Into the second month of 2017 and it seems this year is going to be just as lively – although not quite so dramatic – as 2016. Brexit and Trump are still dominating the headlines, but the government's recent Housing White Paper has caused shockwaves through the industry, with talk of a ‘broken housing market’ and how to fix it bringing criticism from various industry bodies and commentators.

For a bit of light relief, then, now seems as good a time as any to take a look at the home trends that are set to dominate in 2017. Here are our top picks…



One of 2016's hottest and most talked-about trends was hygge, and in 2017 this is set to make its way into our homes. Impossible to define, it's less a tangible thing and more a way of being. That said, there are certain elements to hygge – pronounced hue-gar – that can successfully be recreated.

To achieve the perfect Danish-inspired, Scandi-influenced interior, you'll need to ditch the clutter. Hygge is all about the feeling of calm and cosiness, which is much more likely if a home is clutter-free, spacious and able to breathe on its own terms.

Colours should be kept neutral – think whites, creams or greys for a cool, calm and collected vibe – while cushions and throws will also play a crucial role, helping to create that sense of snug intimacy. Your home should also be kept light and airy (with as much natural light flooding in as possible).

What's more, you shouldn't be afraid to mix wood with metal to add contrast to your interiors, while personal knick-knacks and modern, contemporary artwork will help your home to feel both modern and homely.



2017 is set to be all about the colour green, of all shades, tones, textures and varieties. Recreating that feeling you get when walking through a park, the rolling countryside or the grounds of a grand National Trust-owned country manor will help to give your home a relaxed, refreshed, vibrant quality. Green suggests rebirth, revitalisation and energy. It's mostly a colour with positive connotations.

People might be afraid that green décor doesn't look quite right or doesn't work with the overall design of their home, but green is an incredibly versatile and flexible colour and can complement a range of other tones. It works well with wood, in particular wooden furniture and flooring, and it's also useful for those opting for a more stripped-back, minimalist look.

Greenery has been named as Pantone's colour of the year for 2017, so expect plenty of people to embrace the zesty colour of nature and revitalisation in the year ahead.



Marble is set to be huge in 2017. Mostly to be found in kitchens and bathrooms, but not exclusively, marble helps to give a room that extra touch of class. Smooth, easy-on-the-eye, chic and sophisticated, marble really helps to elevate a room, particularly when paired with wood and metal.

When you think of the grandest hotels and grandest houses, what do you think of? Marble is intrinsically linked with high-end, glamorous luxury. However, it's also practical and functional. It's not merely there to look good, it also serves a purpose.

Marble has been in and out of fashion for years, but it's set to be a massive trend in 2017. Anyone who's anyone will be decking their home interiors with this famously adaptable material.


Cerused wood finish

Not heard of cerused wood before? You're not alone. But that's all set to change in the year ahead, according to interior designer Laura Michaels. “This trend which has been around in the high-end market for some time has finally trickled down and seems universally accepted,” she said.

What exactly is it, though? Well, a “cerused” finish refers to the technique that brings out the unique grain of wood. It is mostly used on cabinets, side drawers, sideboards and chest of drawers, but it can also be used on tables, chairs and larger pieces of storage furniture.

If you want to give your wood-based furniture the best possible shine – and, why wouldn't you? – a cerused finish is the way to go about achieving that.


Satin brass

Polished brass finishes have long been popular, and brass finishes in general have been making a significant comeback in recent years. Now, however, there has been a shift away from polished brass and towards satin or brushed brass, which tends to be warmer and more restrained. The main advantage of brass finishes is to help a room achieve shiny golden tones without a hefty price tag, and 2017 is set to see this approach ramp up considerably, led from the front by designers such as Elizabeth Lawson.

“I especially like a satin brass finish because it's transitional and can complement a number of styles,” she told “It also looks amazing against almost any colour of the rainbow.” She expects to see rooms with satin brass for quite some time to come, although they will start to be mixed with other finishes to achieve a more quirky, unique look. 

So, there we have it. Just some of the many home trends to look out for in 2017. If your interiors are up to scratch, your home will be too. It also helps, if you're looking to sell your property, to have a home that is on-trend. Prospective buyers will love that.