Where is the UK’s most expensive street?

Where is the UK’s most expensive street?

Tepilo takes a closer look at analysis which names the most expensive street in England and Wales.

Which street has the highest average house price in the country? We’re offering no prizes for guesses that it’s in Central London.

England and Wales’ most expensive street is in fact Eaton Square, according to analysis of Land Registry data carried out by Lloyds Bank.

The street in Belgravia, which boasts a range of Grade II listed houses and apartments, has an average property price of a whopping £16,944,000.

Eaton Square has been called home by a host of famous faces and powerful people over the years – most notably Sean Connery and Roger Moore of James Bond fame and Neville Chamberlain and Margaret Thatcher, who both also took up residence at 10 Downing Street.

As you might expect, the list of the top 20 most expensive streets in England and Wales is dominated by locations in Westminster and Kensington. Grosvenor Crescent, with an average price of £16,918,000, and Ilchester Place (£16,029,000) are the second and third costliest streets for the average property buyer.

There is then a gap to Lansdowne Road in Kensington, which has an average property price of £12,830,000, and Chester Square in Westminster (£12,534,000) making up the top five.

The highest performing locations outside of the capital are both in Weybridge, Surrey. Camp End Road and Cavendish Road have respective average prices of £5,164,000 and £4,705,000.

Expensive streets aren’t just found in the capital and the South East, however. According to the analysis, there is at least one street in every region with an average property cost of £1 million or higher.

Panorama Road in Poole – which makes up part of the sought-after Sandbanks resort – is the most expensive street outside London and the South East with an average property price of £4,618,000.

Most expensive streets in remaining regions

Wales: Llys Helyg Drive, Llandundo - £1,064,000
North West: Park Lane, Altrincham - £2,089,000
North East: Runnymede Road, Newcastle - £1,103,000
Yorkshire and the Humber: Ling Lane, Leeds - £1,319,000
West Midlands: Farquhar Road, Edgbaston - £1,434,000
East Midlands: Warren Hill, Leicester - £1,288,000
East Anglia: Storeys Way, Cambridge - £1,914,000

So, there you have it - there are streets at the high end of the property market in every region. Unfortunately, the majority of us could only dream about owning a home in one of these locations, but living nearby to a sought-after street could help to boost the value of your own property.