What home décor trends should you be looking out for in 2017?

What home décor trends should you be looking out for in 2017?

Tepilo takes a look at some of the home décor trends that could come into their own in the year ahead.

The home décor trends to look out for this year

2017 is nearly upon us, which means all manner of forecasts and predictions for the year ahead are being made by the world and his uncle.


As 2016 so aptly proved, though, predicting things in an accurate way is becoming increasingly difficult! That said, we are putting our head above the parapet to look at the home décor trends that could take the country by storm in 2017. 


Steel yourself


Stainless steel is set to make a big impression on 2017. Of course, stainless steel has been cool for years, but the next year is set to be dominated by a very specific type of stainless steel: black. If you're looking to achieve a cool, urban, modern and sleek look, it's absolutely perfect. Whether it's kitchens, bathrooms or living spaces, stainless steel is versatile and never anything other than pleasing on the eye. 


Porch time


Porches might be seen by some as a bit old-fashioned and clunky, but they are set to have their moment in the sun in 2017 – and, with some care, attention and clever design, can look very attractive, contemporary and sophisticated. 


It is vital that the porch blends well with the rest of your home, otherwise it can look like it's been rather stuck-on as an after-thought. Porches are a great place to keep bikes, shoe-racks, coat-stands and other items, but they can be very stylish as well as functional. They also come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles – from Edwardian and Victorian-style porches to regency-style steel and gable roof ones.  


Whatever you choose, make it look classy, make it look elegant and make sure it really brings something to the front of your home. It shouldn't be treated merely as an add-on. 


Mix those metals


Gone are the days when you had to stick to one metal, now it's absolutely fine – and on-trend – to mix and match those metallics. Don't be afraid to mix those cold and warm tones – say, for example, silver and gold, steel and bronze, brass and iron. All of these metals will offer something different to your décor, making it slick, modern, welcoming and glam all at the same time. 


Go daring, go neutral, go minimalist – whatever style you choose, make sure to follow through with conviction. 


Green...is the magic colour


Not any old green, though, bright green! Before you turn your nose up, this colour can still be used in a sparing and unobtrusive way. Green is one of the most relaxing and meditative colours out there, representing cheeriness, revitalisation and rebirth. Just consider what comes to mind when you think of the colour green – the rolling hills of the countryside, lush lawns, the beautiful grounds of a country house. Mostly positive connotations, right?


It won't be for everyone, but bright green – when used in the right way – could add plenty to your living room or bedrooms.


Fold it up


OK, this one is a little more out there, but appliances, fixtures and fittings which fold up or away could start to have a serious impact in 2017. A wonderful, simple space-saving device – and not half as expensive as you might think – it might sound a bit futuristic at present, but could soon become the norm. So, what are you waiting for? Become an early trendsetter!