The nation's two obsessions - property and weather

The nation's two obsessions - property and weather

Tepilo takes a look at the link between two national obsessions – property and the weather.

Property and weather - the nation's favourite topics

Alongside football, the country’s two biggest obsessions are property and the weather. And recent research from conveyancing firm My Home Move has revealed that there is a link between the two.

The weather, arguably the ultimate British obsession, really can have an impact on when people buy and sell homes. My Home Move’s research, which analysed more than 1,000 estate agency and weather reports, found that first-time buyers swerve extreme temperatures when it comes to house-hunting.

In general, this demographic prefers to browse around for their first property when temperatures level out between 7-10 °C and 15-21°C. This allows them to avoid the more extreme highs and lows of Britain’s famously variable weather.

Sellers, meanwhile, are most motivated when the temperatures soar in the summer months, according to statistics from the National Association of Estate Agents, which show that average property stock levels increase significantly during this time.

For sellers, in particular second steppers looking to offload their starter home, the above research could prove useful. First-time buyers are more likely to venture out when the weather is mild and moderate – so really hot or cold times of the year may not be the time to attract this particular demographic.

In Britain, we’re lucky in the sense we don’t tend to experience too much extreme weather. Most of the time our climate is fairly temperate, but there are still occasions when things like storms, snow and heavy rain will hit.

However, most of this comes down to common sense. Buyers are less likely to want to view a home or browse for a property if it’s baking hot, freezing cold or tipping down with rain. Equally, if there is thunder and lightning outside or a really dense fog, would-be buyers are likely to leave the house-hunting to another day.

As we all know, it’s also almost impossible to predict the British weather half the time – so holding off on listing your property because of the weather forecast might turn out to be a bad judgement call.

What you can do, though, is ensure your home looks in tip-top condition, whatever the weather. That way, when you come to sell, your chances of getting your asking price or above will be that much higher.

Our previous research has identified that when buyers do manage to get out and about, location remains the most important buying criteria. This is closely followed by number of bedrooms and garden size.

Therefore, if you can hold viewings on crisp, sunny days – when your home and garden will be shown off in their best possible light – all the better. While more extreme weather will make buying and selling homes more difficult, we are generally a determined, hardy bunch who will push on with things regardless of what’s going on outside.

One thing that definitely isn’t likely to put us off, the research found, is rain or drizzle – mostly because it’s something we’re so used to on these shores. There is no obvious negative impact on the property market and the number of house hunters during the wettest months, going to show that homes are listed, viewings are carried out and offers are lodged even when the heavens open!