Our tips and advice on Christmas decor

Our tips and advice on Christmas decor

Not to get you worried or anything, but Christmas is now less than 6 weeks away. The battle for the best Christmas advert has already started, Christmas films are appearing daily on Channel 5, the Christmas songs are filling up the radio and Christmas lights, markets and decorations are starting to appear every which way you look. Soon enough, it will be time for the present opening, turkey basting, mince-pie eating, cracker pulling and gorging on chocolate in front of the Christmas episodes of Strictly Come Dancing and Eastenders. Christmas can also help to inspire a number of property trends. Here are a few that you may wish to recreate in your very own living room...

How Christmas can inspire your property

Alpine time

The image is oh so easy to conjure up: a snow-capped Alpine cottage standing alone in the middle of a beautiful, snow-covered forest – what could be more Christmassy than that?

There are things you can do to create the rustic, stripped-back vibe, including Alpine-inspired curtains, cushions, chairs and rugs.

A warm, woody, cosy feel is what you are aspiring towards, with dark reds, oranges, browns, greys, whites and creams all combining effortlessly. Wooden furniture – oak sideboards, wardrobes and chest of drawers, for example – will also help to create that feeling of being in a log cabin in the Alps, fireplace burning away as the snow and darkness falls outside.

Nordic style

Nordic – or scandi – style Christmas interiors offer something totally different: stark, modern, elegant, minimalist and effortlessly stylish. Everything must be light, airy, glossy and chic. Think wooden tables, retro/classic pendant lights, classy table decorations, wooded sculptures and Scandinavian style furniture, keeping things minimalist, bare yet characterful throughout.

Nordic and scandi style fabrics, upholstery and drapery – reindeer, fish and winter patterns are particularly popular – will help to add some snugness and brightness to proceedings, all for very affordable prices.

Whites, greys, blacks, creams, reds and greens are popular colour choices. Candles, lanterns, lamps, Christmas-inspired homeware and pot plants, meanwhile, can all help achieve a minimalist, pared-back style.

Home sweet home

If you’re looking for that traditional, homely, rustic, very British style, keeping things warm, cosy, comforting and colourful will be all important. Christmas wreaths, stockings (in all colours), Christmas decorations (baubles, tinsel, lights et al) and dark wood furniture all help to set the scene, while tartan rugs, cushions and blankets are similarly evocative.

Grand and imposing Christmas trees, star-shaped lights, roaring fires (if your property possesses a fireplace, get it roaring!), decorative ornaments, thick curtains, cream or white sofas and stylish lamps will also help to achieve a look that feels very festive. Don’t go too overboard, but a front room that exudes warmth, light, charm and hospitality is what you are striving to produce.      

Whether you go for grand and sweeping, big, bold and colourful, homely and rustic, or sparse, bare and minimalist, it’s vital that you fully commit – whichever style you opt for, make it distinctive, make it stand out, make it beautiful.

If you have decided to sell your home just before Christmas, having a stand-out living room could make all the difference. Whether it’s one of the styles outlined above, or something entirely different, it’s vital that you give it plenty of pizzazz and character this Christmas.