Why DIY home improvement isn't always a good idea

Why DIY home improvement isn't always a good idea

When it comes to home improvements, sometimes it really is best to leave it to the professionals. Such thinking has been corroborated by a new study, with some 35% of UK homeowners surveyed by Plentific.com saying they regretted the results of a DIY project and were left wishing they had hired in the experts instead.

In order to cut costs, many people try to undertake home improvement projects – in particular smaller ones – themselves. In lots of cases, however, it seems this just makes things worse and costs people more in the long run, as botched DIY jobs have to be amended at a later date.

Plentific’s research found that 1 in 3 were dissatisfied with their handiwork. In hindsight, they would have hired in a professional to carry out the work on their behalf instead.

When it comes to DIY tasks, it’s the younger generation who struggle the most. Nearly half (48%) of those aged between 18 and 34 said they have regretted DIY jobs in the past. This may be down to a number of things – young people are newer to the property ladder (and owning their own home) and might not possess the practical experience and knowhow that older homeowners possess. Younger homeowners might also not have had as much time to develop and hone their skillset when it comes to DIY tasks, given their youthfulness. 

Either way, this demographic would clearly be one that benefits from calling in the specialists rather than attempting a DIY job themselves to save money. It would save them a lot of time, hassle and cash to turn to the pros instead.   

The DIY regrets span the country, with the research revealing that Newcastle (47%) and Norwich (45%) have the highest proportion of homeowners in the UK who wish they could turn back the clock on their DIY misadventures. The situation is little better in London, where 40% of homeowners wished they had called in the professionals rather than attempting a DIY project themselves.

It’s not a case of DIY-phobia across the whole of the country, though, with 77% of homeowners in Manchester having a satisfactory experience when it comes to DIY projects. Clearly, the inhabitants of Manchester are a bit savvier when it comes to putting shelves up and assembling tables and chairs! As always, these things vary city by city, region by region. But, in many cases, hiring a professional seems like a more sensible measure than doing it yourself and messing the task up.

Utilising the services of a professional might cost you in the short-term, but it’s often fully worth it to ensure an efficient and competent service is carried out. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, as the old saying goes. If you get it right first time, you won’t have to worry about fixing it at a later date.

Even if you don’t completely botch the job, half-completed or badly finished DIY jobs can still stand out. If you ever put your property on the market in the future, eagle-eyed buyers will be on the lookout for any little flaw. Poorly carried out DIY projects will grab their attention immediately, which is not what you want. Best to get it done right, first time.

In the case of younger homeowners, they may lack the knowhow and confidence to carry out practical tasks, having been raised in an online, digital, heavily technological world. There is no shame, however, in calling in a skilled tradesman to carry out the job on your behalf. As the research shows, in many cases it works out better to do just that.