How much would these famous fictional homes cost?

How much would these famous fictional homes cost?

If we said to the nation “D'oh”, “how you doin'?”, “you're a wizard, 'Arry” and “in West Philadelphia, born and raised”, most people would give us the following responses: The Simpsons, Joey from Friends, Harry Potter and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The fact they are so instantly recognisable from catchphrases, selected lines or theme songs goes to show how iconic and well-loved they are or once were.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air went off air in 1996, but for many it's the show that still defines Will Smith. Its famous theme song is probably the most mimicked TV tune in the world.

The last episode of Friends, the hugely successful sitcom about six friends living and working in New York, aired in 2004, but it's still as well-watched now as it was back then (finding new audiences every year thanks to daily repeats on Comedy Central).

Harry Potter's last film, meanwhile, was back in 2011, but the devotion towards the series hasn't lessened and the phenomenon lives on in the form of books, plays, internet parodies and epic studio tours.

What, though, would living in the LA mansion featured in Fresh Prince set you back these days? What about the house Harry Potter grew up in on Privet Drive? How much would an apartment in the heart of New York, like Monica and Rachel's or Joey and Chandler's, cost you? What of 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield?

Which? Mortgage Advisers has taken a humorous, light-hearted look at these very questions, calculating the cost of 10 of the most famous fictional properties and how much a 10% deposit would set back potential buyers.


Harry Potter

The boy wizard's childhood home has been in the news of late, with the internet getting hold of the fact that the home used in the first film to portray '4 Privet Drive' – where Harry was forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs by his odious aunt and uncle – is up for sale.

In the books and film 4 Privet Drive is located in the fictional Surrey village of Little Whinging. In reality, it's based in Bracknell and is now up for sale for £475,000. Its owners, who have lived in the four-bed semi-detached home since 1977, are keen on the process going through as quickly as possible. Given its history and connotations, there should be no shortage of takers!

As you can work out from the price of the home, a 10% deposit would set buyers back £47,500.   


The Simpsons

742 Evergreen Terrace, the modest, two-storey, detached suburban home that has played host to the world's most famous cartoon family since 1989, is slightly more affordable. The long-running comedy, created by Matt Groening, started out as shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, but soon became a prime-time hit in its own right and is now into its 28th season.

The home, which includes a basement, loft and attached garage, would be on the market for approximately £150,000 (or $195,000), a veritable bargain when you consider the spacious sitting and dining areas and the four sizeable bedrooms (one of which has an en-suite). The neighbours, though, are a tad on the over-friendly side!

A 10% deposit in this case would only be £15,000 ($19,500). If only first-time buyers after a family home in the real world could be so lucky...


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Will feeling the wrath of Uncle Phil, the Carlton dance, the brilliantly sarcastic and cynical butler Jeffrey, those legendary opening credits – there are many reasons why a whole generation remembers Fresh Prince so fondly.

Bel Air, though, is expensive. One of LA's most affluent locations, the mansion used in the show is a five-bed, five-bath, 6400 sq. ft. property that is currently available with no onward chain. Unfortunately, the price is eye-watering - £15.4 million ($20 million) – with a 10% deposit of £1.54 million ($2 million) for the 1-acre estate that has a garage, 17 rooms in total, its own swimming pool and Greek Revival architecture.



The show that made stars out of its stars – the sitcom featuring the ups and downs of Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe wasn't just big, it was a phenomenon. In the programme, it's frequently mentioned that Monica is paying a pittance for her spacious, luxury flat, thanks to New York's rent controls. In the very last episode, Chandler calls it a “frigging steal”.

In real life, though, not so much. A flat in the heart of trendy Manhattan would set you back £3.08 million ($4 million), which means a hefty 10% deposit of £308,000 (or $400,000). Ideal for young professionals, the apartment in ultra-desirable Greenwich Village is open plan, has two bedrooms and offers stunning rooftop views as well a private exterior balcony.   


The Hobbit

You want to live in The Shire, Middle Earth like Bilbo Baggins? You'll be paying in gold coins, but you'll also be getting a well-maintained family home with fixtures, fittings and furniture already included. What more could you need?

The rest of the light-hearted list was made up of a family home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a mansion in Miami owned by Tony Montana and a large abode in New Jersey valued at $1.7m up for sale from Tony Soprano. In all these cases, best not to ask too many questions about the previous inhabitants or their behind-closed doors activities. The homes of Forrest Gump and the Great Gatsby completed the top 10.

If you ever wondered how much the homes of fictional TV and film characters cost, now you know. Other than a few honourable exceptions, most will be slightly out of the budget of ordinary people (to say the least!)