The top interior design trends for winter 2016

The top interior design trends for winter 2016

Winter isn’t here for a while yet, but it will come around sooner than you think...


Even in October and November, the temperature can start to plummet, the weather gets wintrier and the desire to be inside (and out of the cold) is that much stronger.

The nights start to draw in, too, which increases the appeal of those long, cosy nights curled up in front of the fire or your favourite film/TV programme.

It also means people need to be aware of winter interior trends, with some homeowners keen to match their interiors to the season being experienced outside.

So what, we hear you ask, are the things to look out for this winter? We look at some of the major trends below...


Go retro

Retro technology has witnessed something of a renaissance in recent years, with high demand for vinyl players, typewriters and games consoles from the 80s and 90s (think Sega Mega Drive, N64, Playstation 1, etc).

Technology brands are also producing new products with a very retro feel. These products borrow from the classics – and have the same fundamental ideals as the first domestic electronic appliances of the 1950s and 60s – but combine this with new technology and the smarter, more convenient gizmos and modcons of modern life.

No-one wants clunky or cumbersome technology any more, but they do like the ethos and design of the retro products. A hybrid of the two = perfection.

Tech in the home should always be part of the furniture and blend in seamlessly – it should be unobtrusive, flexible and adaptable, complementing the look and the feel of the room rather than dominating it.


Upcycle, upcycle, upcycle

A hugely popular trend in the last decade or so, upcycling is when you reuse or repurpose objects, materials, junk or rubbish to create a product that is of higher quality or value than the original.

Upcycled furniture, in particular, is a very big thing – with creatives, money-savers, bargain-hunters and those working on a tight budget all looking to transform something that has been cast aside into something to be proud of.  

Tired or dated furniture can be made fit for modern life with some clever thinking, tweaking and innovation. Re-upholstering and repurposing is also a fantastic – and cheap – way of changing the aesthetic of your home without bothering your bank balance.

It won’t be for everyone, but those who do wish to upcycle to improve the look of their property should check out local auctions, jumble sales and car boot sales for potential bargains.

Upcycling isn’t a new trend, but it is set to have a bit of a resurgence this winter as people look to liven up their living rooms and dining areas.  


Colour splash

Winter can, at times, be a bit dark, cold and gloomy. It can make people feel low and long for the long days of summer. Which is why your interior needs to be bright, cheerful and colourful, to make sure the inside of your home is a lot sunnier than the outside.    

To do this you can turn to colourful throws, furniture and cushions, but you need to be sure to strike the right balance. There is a fine line between colourful and garish; between bright and lively and tacky and kitschy.  

Winter tends to be associated with blues, whites, purples, reds, browns, pale greens and charcoal greys, so you may wish to reflect these seasonal colours in your choice of décor.


Colour trends

Every year, each season is defined by different colour trends. But what does winter 2016 have in store for us? Dark, moody colours will be the order of the day, while various shades of grey will be on hand to provide a more tranquil vibe.

Midnight blues and bright pastel hues will also be popular, helping to add a richer, more eye-catching colour scheme.

If you’re looking for something a little bit lighter, natural tones are the way forward – think deep sea, limestone, sand, olive, fern, fawn, mushroom and bark.

This, combined with typically wintry, Alpine-inspired materials such as fur and winter branches rugs, tweed throws and deep-blue fabrics, will help your home to feel as stripped back as the nature outside your windows.