New research reveals Brits delay moving for an average of 14 months

New research reveals Brits delay moving for an average of 14 months

A new survey has revealed that Brits stay in properties they don’t like for an average of 14 months before moving on, with one in 10 admitting they’ve stayed in a property they wanted to leave for more than three years before actually making a move.

The new research of 2,000 homebuyers* Tepilo, also uncovered the top reasons why Brits put off moving. Not being able to afford the moving costs topped the list (27%), followed by needing to save a big enough deposit for a new house (25%) and not being able to face the upheaval of a move (22%).

A further 18 per cent said they’d put off moving because they had lots of friends nearby who they didn’t want to leave, with 15 per cent admitting they’d stalled because they had great neighbours and 14 per cent saying they didn’t want to move away from family. An additional unlucky 13 per cent said they’d had to stall a move as they couldn’t sell their existing property.  

The time between deciding to leave a property and actually making a move is filled with mixed emotions for Brits. One in three (30%) said it had made them feel anxious, with 27 per cent saying it made them feel excited and ready for the next chapter.

And the top three things those surveyed disliked the most about their last property was it being too small (29%), not liking the area it was in (20%) and not having a big enough garden (17%). Other reasons people disliked their last properties included not getting on with their neighbours (16%), not having any parking (13%) and it not being near enough to work (11%).

However, the research also uncovered that more than three in ten (31%) of us have moved out or sold a home when we personally didn’t want to. Topping the reasons why was a relationship or marriage break up (23%), having to relocate for work (22%) and moving because our partner wanted to (20%).

But most of us do find property happiness eventually, with three quarters (75%) of those surveyed saying they are happy in their current home.

The British Buyer Barometer survey has been conducted by online estate agent, Tepilo, to track buyer opinion. It surveyed 2,001 British home buyers, who have either bought in the past year, are in the process of buying or are planning to buy within the next 12 months.

Sarah Beeny, owner of Tepilo, said: “It’s interesting to uncover the amount of time Brits are willing to stay in properties they no longer want to be in before making a move and the main reasons why. But what’s most interesting is that over three quarters of us are happy in our current homes.

“That really demonstrates that making a move from a property you no longer like to somewhere you do is worth the time, effort and costs that come with buying a new home. Our homes really are our castles and a source of such happiness, so it really is worth taking the time and saving up the money you need to make a move.”

Tepilo is an estate agency owned by property guru and TV personality, Sarah Beeny. She set up Tepilo to help redesign the property selling process around the customer, offering hugely reduced fees and 24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team working to help their customers secure the best possible price for their homes. Tepilo also offers customers an easy to use website and an app that allows them to track their property sale on the go and receive instant notifications.