The best of this summer's wallpaper trends

The best of this summer's wallpaper trends

With August now here and another bank holiday of home improvements on the horizon, we spoke to Christine Westcott, Head of Design at Inspired Wallpaper, who gave us her expert view on this year's summer wallpaper trends...

Are homeowners wallpapering more often now? Can you see decorating becoming the new fast fashion?

Yes, wallpaper offers so many possibilities to transform a room and create an entirely different vibe. It’s like having a work of art on your walls that you can renew or adapt whenever you want.

As interior trends change, you can choose to follow the latest fashions, or take elements from a trend and mix them with your own ideas. As most of our wallpapers cost between £8.99 and £15.99 a roll, they’re an affordable way of bringing colour and pattern into your home and switching things up regularly without breaking the bank.

For a quick fix, you could wallpaper one feature wall in your room, teaming it with cushions and accessories in the accent colour of the wallpaper. When you feel like a change, you just need to redecorate the one wall and choose some new coloured accessories to complete the look.

Our Boutique Cotton Crown range is 'paste the wall', which means to hang the wallpaper you simply apply paste to the wall, instead of the wallpaper itself. Pasting the wall is an easy wallpaper application method as there is no need for a pasting table and no time wasted soaking.


Do you think interiors trends change with the seasons?

Definitely – spring, like the traditional spring-cleaning routine, is all about freshness and nature, whilst winter is a time to comfort ourselves with warmer colours and luxurious textures forming a cocoon against the cold outside. I believe in refreshing your home with the seasons. It doesn’t have to mean a major overhaul, but with a few clever tips, you can create a different look with very little effort.


What would you say are the biggest trends in wallpaper design this summer?

Craft Revival is a big one. The rustic, handmade look is all the rage, as it allows us to stamp elements of our personalities on to our homes. Everybody has a creative side, and this is a great way to showcase it.

Retro Geometric patterns are also trendy at the moment. A lot of people like to evoke a sense of nostalgia in their homes, and this kind of décor harks back to the big, bold patterns that were commonplace in the 1970s.

Of course, while such designs take inspiration from bygone eras, they always add a modern twist, ensuring you get a truly unique, almost hybrid look.

Statement wallpaper is popular again too. The whole point of interior design is to create something special and inspiring, and people are taking things to exciting new levels. Bold, distinctive patterns and daring colours are very much in.


Do you think embracing interiors trends can help owners sell their homes?

Without a doubt – wallpaper is an ideal way to give your home personality and transform it from a blank canvas into a home with soul. I’d always advise keeping to the same trend throughout your home so the look is coherent and effective.

Even if potential buyers’ tastes are different to your own, they’ll appreciate the effort and care that you’ve shown. Your home will stand out amongst the other bland magnolia-painted walls that many houses have today.

First impressions are crucial when selling your home and welcoming entrances are important. One tip is to use a plain textured wallpaper on three walls and then a patterned design on the fourth wall. You’ll draw people into your home.



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