What does Brexit mean for UK homeowners?

What does Brexit mean for UK homeowners?

The UK has spoken but what does this mean for the property market? Sarah Beeny, founder of Tepilo and property expert, provides her view.

“Now that we’ve made the decision to leave the EU, I am convinced that the long term outcome will be good for Britain and the rest of Europe but for now we have some holes in the road that need to be filled and bridged over.  

Indecision is in fact worse than a change though and so I am convinced that the property market will look more bubbly over the coming months. 

 However, it's likely to take a good couple of years for Brexit to actually happen and many negotiations will be made in that time to settle any bumpy markets. 

We will see a bit of reeling after this slightly unexpected result but the 64 million people in this country still need somewhere to live so the demand for housing will still be there, therefore, I think the property market will be unlikely to be affected in most areas of the country in the medium to long-term."