Sellers – which kitchen accessories can help to sell your home?

Sellers – which kitchen accessories can help to sell your home?

The kitchen is unquestionably the room that buyers will pay more attention to than any other. In recent years, as many polls and surveys point out, it has become the most important room in the home, a social hub, a place for eating, drinking, entertaining, cooking, baking and even working.

Following on from our blog about the must-have bathroom accessories, we this time focus on the must-have kitchen accessories.  

The increasing popularity and significance of the kitchen is something that sellers need to be aware of. You need to make your kitchen space as attractive and appealing as possible. Buyers will need to imagine the kitchen as their own.

One way of enhancing the look of your kitchen is with must-have accessories, the sorts of things that help to give a kitchen that little bit extra, to make sure it stands out from the crowd in a busy and competitive marketplace.


Food Processors

All the rage these days as people start to take health and nutrition much more seriously, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, with each having different functions and gizmos.  They don’t cost the world – you’re looking at £25 on the cheaper end of the scale and £100 at the higher end of the market – but they will add a touch of class and sophistication to your kitchen. More often than not, they look effortlessly stylish and cool, which is exactly the sort of vibe that your kitchen should be giving off.

Juicers, blenders, coffee machines and slow cookers also help to give off a classy, elegant flavour.


Self-draining dishracks

They might not sound very exciting, granted, but if your home doesn’t have a dishwasher then self-draining dishracks can be hugely useful. Even if you have a dishwasher, you might still want one of these for those items that aren’t suitable for a slow rinse. They are cheap, cheerful and serve an important purpose – but they’re not just practical, they can be stylish too.

The dishracks should be chosen to complement the colour scheme and décor of your kitchen.


Kitchen scales

A very useful thing to have in the kitchen, but often people will be scrambling round to find some only to find that they don’t actually have any. Again, they can be both stylish and practical, coming as they do in all shapes, sizes and colours. You can also get stylish and contemporary digital scales with slick designs and high shine finishes.   



Something that is used by millions of Brits every day, but it doesn’t have to be mundane and dull – as most people might expect kettles to be. With a bit of shopping around, modern and stylish kettles – some with extra functions and add-ons – can be found for prices that won’t break your bank balance. You could opt for a stainless steel or illuminated kettle, or something with a more simple and stripped-back design. They can be glossy, classic or traditional, but it’s once again important to make sure your choice of kettle fits in nicely with the décor of your kitchen.  


Grill and griddle

A bit more out there, maybe, but these George Foreman style, multi-functional contraptions might have appeal to some buyers eager to cook up all sorts on a handy, pint-sized and sleekly designed piece of kit. They’re not hugely expensive either.

Other more alternative, but increasingly trendy, options include spiralizers, retro popcorn makers and kebab rotisserie grills.

However you choose to furnish your kitchen, though, it’s vitally important that it’s sparkling clean, tidy and pleasing on the eye when would-be buyers come to view. They will be eagle-eyed when it comes to the kitchen, so give them as little reason as possible to turn their nose up. A positive review of the kitchen could just make all the difference to your chances of selling.