Our top five alternative moving tips

Our top five alternative moving tips

Once you've bought or sold a property, your mind will immediately turn to moving – which is often referred to as a stressful process.

Packing, booking a removals firm, informing relevant parties of your change of address and having a good old de-clutter are four of the things movers are regularly encouraged to do before the big day.


In fact, we've got all the traditional advice covered in our guide to a smooth house move.  


Removals firm Springbox put forward its top five unusual moving tips and so here's some ideas for seasoned movers or those who take pleasure in doing things differently...


Take pictures of electrics

We've all got smartphones these days – and these companions can really come into their own on moving day. As well as for ringing friends for help and finding the new local takeaway, you can use your phone to take pictures of all your electrical appliances before you move.

This means when it comes to the arduous process of re-assembling everything, you'll know which cable goes where and what connects to what. If you use this tip you'll be ready to go and settling down to EastEnders in no time.


Give back to the community

It's well-documented that moving home presents the perfect opportunity to de-clutter and get rid of some old and unwanted belongings. But rather than chucking them on top of the nearest skip, it's a nice gesture to take them to a local charity shop.

This activity can be particularly pertinent if you're disposing of old furniture, for which there is a high demand. If they're big items in good condition, the charity might even come and pick it up for you.


Don't crowd the crew

If you've hired in a professional firm – or even if you've taken on the moving burden yourself for that matter – it's important to make sure that children and pets keep their distance.

You don't want an excitable dog tripping someone over and although the kids may want to help, it's probably best they watch from afar as many of the items will be heavy.

Safety should always come first – but that doesn't mean there won't be time for a quick photo on the removals van before or after everything's been offloaded!


Pack a 'necessity box'

As we said before, moving can occasionally get stressful. And one thing that's for certain is that it's going to be a long day.

With this in mind, it's great to have a 'necessity box' packed with a kettle, some tea and coffee, biscuits and anything else you might fancy as soon as the lugging of boxes is finished.

We all love a good cup of tea and a necessity box can really help you to enjoy the first moments in your new home – just remember to label it or it will all be in vain!


Use sandwich bags

That's right, according to the removals experts, your usual ham and cheese sandwich holders are actually the perfect match for storing loose bolts and screws for dismantled furniture and appliances.

What's more, if you tape each sandwich bag brimming with bolts to its parent piece of furniture, not only will you make sure nothing important is lost, but you'll also save time and hassle when it comes to putting things back together.

So there you have it – five of the best unusual moving tips from the people in the know. If you remember these, as well as the tried and tested methods, you're more likely to have a pleasant and stress-free moving day.

[updated: 07/11/2018]