Beeny knows best - Week 24

Beeny knows best - Week 24

Week 24 of Beeny Knows Best, where our very own Sarah Beeny takes to the blog to answer your property-related questions.

Would you purchase a smaller home in a better selling location or a larger home for the same price in a harder to sell location? - Lee

It really depends on how long you plan on being there.  There is a considerable cost to moving so personally I think it's better to push bigger and move less.  You will also find that it may not be such a good location, but you can make a happy home in an area that might not be as 'fashionable' right now, but may well have a great community. If you are buying with a view to selling in the near future then go for the safer bet for sale, as it's so frustrating to be unable to move when you want to.


I'm wanting to put my home on the market within the next few months, but the valuations ive been receiving for it are much lower than I expect/want. What are some quick ways to increase its value? We're willing to take on some more heavy-duty work if need be, as long as it can be reasonably quick - Ms Jaques

As a golden rule, adding square footage is how to add value. However, there are some quick wins that might tip your home into the next value range. Make sure it looks fantastic from the road - most people make up their mind if they want to buy a home before they even get through the front door.  Secondly, tidy but don't empty - there is a temptation to de clutter so much it feels like a shut up shop.  Make sure there is a 'heart and soul' to the property. Mood lighting and some different textures such as faux fur or a sheepskin can completely change the way buyers read a property and if they love it they'll be likely to want to pay more.
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