How to increase your chances of selling this summer

How to increase your chances of selling this summer

OK, so summer isn’t officially here yet. But it’s as good as arrived, with the recent spate of warm and bright weather.

Summer doesn’t just mean music festivals, BBQs, sipping Pimms in pub gardens and long, lazy afternoons spent doing very little, it’s also an excellent time to sell a home.

For one, your home is never likely to look better than in summer.

You can shine a light (quite literally) on all your property’s best attributes and, assuming you have some, you can really shout out about the virtues of garden/outdoor space.

You might think the warmer weather and longer days would give people an excuse to do anything but house-hunting, yet it’s quite the opposite.

People are encouraged to go to more viewings and push through a sale while the sun’s still shining – after all, it’s far more pleasant to move home when it’s nice and sunny than when it’s cold and drizzly.

But what can you, as a seller, do to improve your chances of selling this summer?

Below, we uncover some top tips...


Make your home look its best

Stating the obvious, maybe, but this is still something that can be overlooked by complacent sellers.

In summer, more than ever, it’s a chance to show off all aspects of your property, from the garden to the recently converted loft.

When buyers come to view your property, open all the windows and doors to give the home an airy, spacious feel; what’s more, it pays to be conscious about lighting and how this highlights your home’s best attributes.

Giving your house a spring (summer) clean and making sure everything looks in as good a shape as possible will also improve your chances of impressing would-be buyers, who will want to be wowed by what they see.


Focus on the front of your house

This is the first part of your property that prospective buyers will see. If they are immediately turned off, then your chances of selling will have just gone down like a lead balloon.

So it’s vitally important that the front of your home is visually appealing. If you have a drive, make sure it’s tidy and well-kept. If you have a porch, ensure that it’s not too cluttered. And if you have a front garden, ensure that the lawn, hedges, plants and shrubs are all in good condition.

In the simplest terms possible, you want to do all you can to entice buyers in rather than encouraging them to go elsewhere.


Show off the garden

Gardens – or any outdoor space, for that matter – really come into their own in the summer months.

If you are selling to families with young children then the garden is likely to be a major selling point.

It therefore makes total sense to ensure that your garden looks at its very best.

This might involve pruning the plants and shrubs, jetwashing the patio, trimming the lawn or upgrading the BBQ area/decking.

If you have a pond, a spectacular water feature, a spacious shed/garage or kid-friendly toys and apparatus, show this off to buyers.

Highlight any entertaining space, too. Allow them to visualise holding family BBQs or summer garden parties – this could help convince them that this home is the home for them.

If your property is lucky enough to include stunning views or overlook somewhere scenic, make sure your buyers are aware of this.

Use it as part of your marketing pitch, too, with high-quality photographs showcasing the best parts of your property.


Review your marketing strategy

If your home isn’t selling or if you’re struggling to get any viewings, it may be time to re-evaluate your sales pitch.

Working together with your estate agent, you should take a look at everything from your photographs to the description on your online ad and how much exposure your property is receiving on the portals.

Summer is the best possible time to show your property off – if you miss the boat, and miss the chance to improve your selling strategy, you could be left frustrated for longer than you need to be.


Be flexible

Obviously, summer is a time when you will be thinking about holidays and family trips away.

But, if you are selling your home, it is wise to be as flexible and accommodating as you possibly can be when it comes to viewings.

You don’t want people missing the opportunity to view your home; you want to actively encourage it.

So, if you’re selling this summer, it might improve your chances if you put a holiday on the backburner for a few months.        

Summer is a time for drinks with friends, alfresco dining and endless ice lollies. It’s also – if you’re on the ball and follow the right steps – a perfect time for selling a home.