Beeny knows best - Week 21

Beeny knows best  - Week 21

Week 21 of Beeny Knows Best, where our very own Sarah Beeny takes to the blog to answer your property-related questions.


We live in a semi detached house and have running kids next door. I have had the lounge and bedroom walls sound reduced with special plasterboard and sound reduction wool but we are still suffering from impact noise through the floor. Our joists run through the party wall as do theirs to us. If they run next door we hear noise . I'm currently trying to move but will have to spend such a lot more to get a detached and we are retired. Please can you suggest any options we may have? - Gail 

This is a very tricky but not uncommon problem especially with Victorian terraces which were cheaply constructed at the time and with little consideration for these such elements of modern-day living.  I fear you have done as much as you probably can with your home and without the cooperation of next door who perhaps could add carpets to reduce the noise or ask their children to run less I think you might be stuck with the noise.  I would suggest talking to a structural engineer though, as the construction of your home might be able to be amended to avoid the sound transference which it sounds like is happened mainly through the joist ends.


What are the key things to remember when starting out in property investment, especially if you don't have a background in property? - Natalie 

Make sure you are realistic about your figures - include ALL costs and remember to add in a contingency, as you are likely to find that whatever timescale and figure you put on it will run over.  Then make sure you try and fully understand the process of everything that is done, or at the very least have someone by your side who does - that way you are in a far better position to control where things are going and jump in ahead of time if you start to see things going South. 

All in all, just ensure that you take time to research and plan ahead of time, and sit down and fully number crunch before you dive in. If you do this you should be safe and sound. 



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