Which improvements could add value to your home?

Which improvements could add value to your home?

As well as being the month of April Fool's Day, The Grand National and National Beer Day, the whole of April is also National Home Improvement Month.

That's right, this month homeowners up and down the country are being challenged to see how they can change their properties for the better.


If you're selling your home or thinking of selling in the not too distant future, home improvements could help you to achieve a higher sale price.


To celebrate Home Improvement Month and help people to set off in the right direction, The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has compiled a list of some of the simplest improvements which can add value to a home.


We've taken a closer look at the NAEA's list and added some suggestions of our own...


Clean is mean

Most people aren't too fond of cleaning but if you're looking to sell up it really is a must. A thorough clean of your home should render it in good selling condition – it's important that you look after all areas of the property and not just the exterior and main living areas.


If you really don't fancy slipping on a pair of marigolds then it could be worth your while to hire a professional cleaner to get the job done.


Make some space

This is where you can channel some of your inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen or Linda Barker. It might be fun but more importantly it can be very beneficial to rearrange some of your rooms to make more space.


Most buyers will want to envisage themselves living in a roomy, open home and so de-cluttering and something as small as changing the position of a sofa or bed could have a significant overall effect on the feel of a room.


Small scale changes

A full kitchen refurb or extension – while adding significant value – is likely to be pretty pricey. If you're setting up your home for sale on a budget, then smaller changes and tweaks should be the order of the day.


Repainting walls and surfaces is often effective, while replacing cupboards, shelves or chairs can really give a room a subtle facelift.


Finish odd jobs

If it's something which doesn't need the expertise of a professional, then there's no reason that prospective house sellers can't get out the tool box and make a difference.


Finishing odd jobs which you've been putting off for years is a therapeutic and beneficial pre-sale exercise. Little things like fixing light fittings, sanding surfaces, fixing garden gates or filling in wall cracks should all be considered.


What's your glazing?

These days most property purchasers would expect the home they're buying to have double glazing. If there's the odd window in your home which isn't double-glazed then it could be worth getting it sorted before putting your home up for sale.


There's even now a growing trend for triple glazing – this could come in handy if you live in a particularly noisy area or are aiming your home at the top end of the property market.


Tidy the garden

The weather's getting better and the days are getting longer so there's no excuse not to get out in the garden. If you're selling up between now and the summer it's likely that, if you have one, the garden will be of interest to prospective buyers, particularity families.


So whether it's just a tidy up or planting some new shrubs to mowing the lawn or repainting the decking, getting out in the garden could prove beneficial as outdoor space is the key for many buyers.


Think green

Energy efficient homes are going to become even more valuable as time goes on. For example, incoming legislation means rental properties will soon have to meet certain energy efficiency requirements or it will be illegal to let them. This means any landlords looking to expand their portfolio over the next few years will be interested in, and possibly willing to pay more for, a home which doesn't need any energy efficiency improvements.


There's lots of solutions out there now – upgrading boilers, insulation and double or triple glazing are some of the most effective.

As we've said before, a home in tip-top condition is more likely to appeal to buyers and if you can make some noticeable improvements without spending too much money, it could help you to attract more viewings and subsequently receive more offers.