What do British people look for in a dream home?

What do British people look for in a dream home?

What does a dream home look like in 2016 Britain? Well, our British Buyer Barometer survey – a study of 2,000 homebuyers who have either bought in the past year, are in the process of buying or are planning to purchase a home within the next year – has helped to give us more of an insight.

The research revealed that en-suites in every bedroom (48%), a TV room/snug (48%), a huge kitchen with its own kitchen island (47%) and a huge garden (47%) were the top features that buyers want their dream home to contain.

Not far behind this were walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms (45%) – as we pointed out recently, walk-in wardrobes are all the rage at the minute – an indoor swimming pool (42%), a conservatory or orangery (38%), open fires and wood burning stoves (37%), a double front door (28%) and his and hers bathrooms (25%).

Where will this dream home reside, we hear you ask. Well, the results on this were pretty unsurprising. The most popular setting for a dream home in the UK was, as you might have guessed, the beach (16%), equalled by the city centre (16%).


The countryside (11%) was next up, while a further 10% said they would choose the city suburbs. Some 9% would opt for a picturesque village setting. The findings also showed that most Brits would prefer a “cute country cottage over a mansion”.

Detached bungalows and modern pieces of architecture were also preferred to mansions when people were asked to choose the architectural style of their dream home.

What’s more, the data proved that size isn’t everything, with 29% of those surveyed saying their dream home would have four bedrooms, while 27% wanted just three and 21% hankered after five rooms. Only 11%, though, said they’d want six rooms or more.

Luxuries, on the other hand, are important to British homebuyers and people would want their house to be filled with glamorous, rather than practical, features.

A balcony was deemed to be the top luxury for Brits (43%), closely followed by a relaxation room (39%), a personal library (35%), a gym (32%) and an indoor cinema (29%). More ambitious luxuries that people dream of include a wine cellar, an aquarium, a bowling alley and a nightclub!


In a nod to the world of Downton Abbey, 14% of those surveyed also admitted they would like their dream home to have its own butler, while a further 13% would want their very own staff living quarters!

But what do British homebuyers want from their dream home’s garden? Amazing views top the list (52%), followed by built-in BBQs (40%), a large veranda (38%), a huge garage (34%) and manicured lawns.


Water features are also popular, while a long, sweeping drive leading up to a house (the sort of thing you see in a Jane Austen novel) is something that 30% of people desire. Separate outbuildings (30%) and a kids play area (29%) also featured highly.

Unfortunately, in many cases, people think their dream home is just that – a dream. Some 26% of those surveyed said they didn’t think they’d ever get to own their dream property, while another 38% believe it will only be made possible by winning the lottery.

Having said that, 30% of people are optimistic about the chances of owning their dream home and believe that it will happen one day in the future.

If money were no object, most Brits would pay a maximum of £3 million to make their dream home a reality.

The Tepilo Buyer Barometer survey also showed that, above all, Britain is a nation of dreamers.

While 58% said they would want to live in their dream house with their partner, 17% said they would opt to live with their favourite celebrity crush or, failing that, their favourite musician or actor!

A dream home might remain a distant pipe dream for many, but that won’t stop many people dreaming the dream anyway. And why not?