How to create a stylish and elegant outdoor space

How to create a stylish and elegant outdoor space

We’re well into spring now, the sun is starting to appear on a more regular basis and people can start to look forward to what summer has to bring (as long as it doesn’t involve too much rain!)

The longer days and better weather also give people a much greater excuse to make the most of the great outdoors.

This, of course, includes any outdoor space you have as part of your property. You might have a large garden, a medium-sized one or one that isn’t very large at all – you might simply just have decking or a BBQ area – but how can you go about making your outdoor space as luxurious and enticing as the inside of your home?

Luckily, interior designer Celia Sawyer is on hand to give some top tips on how to improve the look of your outdoor space.


Match the furniture to the look

Sawyer says you need to first decide which kind of look you are going for – is it modern, boho, white-washed beach haven, country, trendy, eco, etc? Then, once you have the look nailed down, select the right furniture to complement it.


Get your seating right

According to Sawyer, seating is incredibly important as an outdoor space is somewhere to be enjoyed in comfort by friends, family and guests. She recommends investing in glamorous day beds, St Tropez beach party style, to give off a comfortable, indulgent vibe. Crisp, white cushions against dark or grey rattan will also help to create impact.


Consider outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are currently having their moment in the sun (quite literally) and it may be worth your while revamping your garden or terrace by making the fireplace you central feature. “I know people who have used old bricks to build the fireplace meaning its recycled and put sand on the floor to create a truly unique space,” Sawyer says. “If building a fireplace is too much, invest in a fire pit. Nothing beats sitting round the warmth of a fire after dinner.”


Dine alfresco

As the summer months hit and those long, lazy days become more frequent, alfresco dining becomes that much more appealing. This is where a good dining table and chairs come into their own. Anything plastic and cheap looking should be swerved, Sawyer advises, with rattan or metal offerings a much more sensible and aesthetically pleasing option.


Keep it colourful

When it comes to your outdoor space, colour will play a big part. “Earthy colours and décor is a must,” Sawyer argues. “Ochres and greens, taupe’s and greys, to keep things natural, then add stainless steel appliances for that raw, industrial touch and inject colour through one item alone. Within your seating area add a great coffee table; something natural looking, maybe a bit of driftwood or an oak table to add some charm; a nod to Mother Nature herself.” Lanterns and flameless candles are other ways in which you can enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space.


Sip a drink outside

Sawyer says outdoor bars are the ultimate cool. “They’re actually fairly simple to build,” she said. “Source wood to keep costs down and as long as you have a flat surface, fridge and some bar stools you are ready to entertain.” With longer, warmer days an outside bar is likely to get plenty of use over the next few months.

Whatever you choose to do with your outdoor space, it’s important to make it look elegant, refined and spacious. If you are selling your home, outdoor space is likely to be a key weapon in your sales armoury, so you need to make sure that you something you are proud to show off and shout from the rooftops about.