Beeny knows best - Week 16

Beeny knows best - Week 16

Week 16 of Beeny Knows Best, where our very own Sarah Beeny takes to the blog to answer your property-related questions.


What are your views on Amtico floors vs real slates? We're not sure which to get as our house is old and our floor slighty 'wonky'. - Ms Acker

Real slates look lovely but are very unforgiving if you drop anything, and however well you seal them will have a tendency to stain.  Amtico is pricey but very practical for cleaning and wear and tear - if it's a look you like it's probably better in the long term.


 At the moment is it wiser to buy and rent out, or buy, refurb and sell? We're based in Bath, Somerset. - Rosie

It depends on what your objective is - refurb and sell gives an immediate income is you make a profit - renting out is more for longer term capital growth. Bath is quickly establishing itself as a London commuter hotspot,and property prices have the potential to rise in the city once the train electrification occurs and commuting time is slashed by half an hour. So if you're thinking of taking the property plunge in this area, now's your time.



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