Why the exterior of your property is so important to buyers

Why the exterior of your property is so important to buyers

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions really are everything. The first thing your buyers will see is the exterior of your home and, according to Barclays Mortgages, the majority of house-hunters decide in only ten seconds whether they like a property or not just from what it looks like on the outside.

In fact, they found that 35% of buyers base their decision entirely on a home’s exterior. If they don’t like what they see, they don’t bother going inside.

Even more astonishingly, 53% of buyers said they would purchase a property that looked enticing from the outside, even if they knew that the interior didn’t live up to these standards and would require significant redecoration.

To further highlight the importance of a property’s exterior, we only need to see that nearly half (44%) of home-hunters would take up to 20% off a property’s asking price if the outside of it was not up to scratch.

On average, each home sold in the UK loses £57,600 as a direct consequence of a shabby or dishevelled exterior. This, of course, leaves sellers out of pocket while affording buyers more bargaining power when it comes to negotiating.

But what are buyers looking for when they view the outside of your property?

Top of the list is a well-maintained and manicured garden (69%), followed by double glazing (60%), a parking space (59%) and neighbours with appealing looking houses and gardens (54%).

In other words, tidy spaces and practicality are welcomed by would-be buyers.  

By contrast, vermin control outside the property, an untidy front garden/driveway, nearby noisy buildings and busy transport links where the top reasons why buyers might be put off a property from the outside.

The research also gave an interesting insight into buyer habits. The UK’s favourite property type is now new builds, with 36% of people opting for this style of home.

Victorian and Georgian-inspired homes are also popular, with 29% and 27% choosing this as their preference respectively.

On the other hand, bland 80s homes (8%) and mock Tudor abodes (9%) have fallen out of favour with the British public.

The findings once again underline the importance of making your whole property look as attractive as possible, both inside and out. But the first thing a buyer will see is the exterior of your home. If they’re not wowed, or at the very least impressed by what they see, they won’t hang around.

Ensuring your garden/driveway is tidy and well-maintained and pointing out any appropriate parking spaces will go a long way to strengthening your sales pitch.