The turn-ons & turn-offs buyers find when viewing a home

The turn-ons & turn-offs buyers find when viewing a home

Some buyers have difficulty picturing themselves in a property unless they are given an extra helping hand, and there are some things that completely put them off a property all together. Here at Tepilo, we conducted a study to reveal exactly what increases the chance of a property sale, and what actively deters someone from putting down an offer.


Here’s what we found out:


Topping the list of turn ons, which would add to the appeal of a property, were:

1.     A neat, well-kept garden (48%)

2.     Cleanliness (43%)

3.     Fresh internal paintwork and décor (43%)

4.     Well-kept houses next door and on the street (39%)

5.     Pleasant smells and odours, including coffee brewing, mild scents and bread baking (36%)

6.     A friendly owner (35%)

7.     A recently renovated blank canvas that’s ready for them to put their own stamp on (21%)

8.     Freshly cut flowers in every room (16%)


However, the biggest turn offs, which would decrease the appeal of a property, included:

1.     Mould in the bathroom and on windows (50%)

2.     Off putting smells, including pets, grease food, foist and cigarette smoke (49%)

3.     Too much clutter (43%)

4.     Uncleanliness (40%)

5.     Scruffy looking properties next door (35%)

6.     An unkept garden (32%)

7.     A grumpy, unfriendly owner (26%)

8.     Lots of pets (16%)


So there we have it, the biggest turn-ons and turn-off of property buyers. Now get that coffee brewing, put on your biggest smile and get cleaning, because now you have no excuse not to set the perfect stage for the next buyer who walks through your door!