The do's and don'ts of conducting property viewings

The do's and don'ts of conducting property viewings

We know that conducting viewings yourself can sometimes seem a bit daunting, which is why we invited body language expert Judy James to explain to some do’s and don’ts of showing buyers around your home.

Showing a potential buyer around your property yourself is great. It provides a personal, informal and relaxed environment for the viewer, and gives you the opportunity to divulge information on your home that no estate agent ever could - such as what your neighbours are like, and information on local schools, amenities and local events.


The do’s:

  • Give a warm greeting, with a firm handshake (but not crippling!)

  • Stay in viewer’s peripheral vision

  • Keep a relaxed posture (no crossed-arms)

  • Smile and seem positive - this will make the viewer feel more welcome to ask you questions about the property are area


The don’ts:

  • Act fed up or tired (even if this is your fifth viewing of the day!)

  • Give a kiss on the cheek

  • Walk into a room ahead of your viewer

  • Get too close to the viewer (within touching distance) - especially in intimate rooms such as bedroom and bathrooms

  • Point out the obvious

  • Ask the viewer to take their shoes off


Follow these simple guidelines and we’re sure you’ll have the offers stacking up in no time!