Sellers: What does your front door say about you?

Sellers: What does your front door say about you?

If your home's on the market and you've already carried out some viewings, you'll know by now that selling a home is all about first impressions.

We know that a tidy front garden and attractive exterior are all-important and that some prospective buyers make up their minds about a home in an instant, but what does a front door say about a property?



People who choose to paint their front door red are often some of the most welcoming and hospitable, according to New Home Finder, which has put together a report on front door colours and what they mean.

A red door is considered as hospitable and welcoming, which can only be a good thing for prospective buyers.


An orange door exudes energy, happiness and confidence, according to the report.

It says people with an orange front door are often social butterflies and might well have designed their home to make it perfect for entertaining.


Due to the light and airy nature of the colour, a yellow door inspires feelings of cheerfulness, fun and positivity, says New Home Finder.


A home with a yellow door is more likely to be open and colourful and will thrive in spring and summer.


The report says that green is the colour of 'health and wealth'. Homeowners with a green door are likely to value their home and its condition.



A blue door is likely to lead the way into a calm and relaxing home.


The report says a blue door home owner, more often than not, sees their property as a place of refuge from the pressures of the outside world.


New Home Finder says purple means extravagance and therefore a home with a purple door is more likely to have an adventurous or unconventional interior.



Brown doors represent the earth, so expect to find a homely and rustic interior behind one of these.



These are more common than you may think – the report describes a black front door as classic, authoritative and stylish.


It says you should expect to find an ordered and tidy home behind a black door, as well as a sophisticated interior design.



Grey is 'calm, practical and reserved'. Behind one of these, expect a quiet and understated home.


According to the report, white represents wholeness and creativity. Expect a balanced and minimalist home behind a white front door.


We've not come across too many of these in recent times but, as you can imagine, a glass door connotes transparency and openness.


So there we have it, that's what your front door could say about you. Of course, the ethos of your home may be the total opposite to what the colour of your front door typically represents, but what this report does remind us is of the importance of first impressions.

Prospective buyers could notice things like the colour of your front door – and its condition – so when selling your home it pays to think of all the little things that a buyer could notice on a viewing and make sure that you do everything you can to make everyone's first impression as positive as possible.