How interior design choices differ by region

How interior design choices differ by region

We all have our own little quirks and idiosyncrasies. And these are often reflected in the décor and style of our homes.

For some, bright and colourful is the way forward. For others it might be rustic and homely or modern and minimalist.

But new research by retailer Hillarys has revealed that popular trends differ according to the regions of the UK. So, for example, Scandinavian/Nordic design is favoured in London, with 31% of those in the capital opting for this kind of cool, light, airy and uncluttered style.

The wood flooring/furniture, stylish rugs, black and white colour schemes and glossy, contemporary bathrooms and kitchens fit well with the young, urban professional class that is so common in London.

In the West Midlands, on the other hand, the nautical/beach look is the most popular home interior trend (despite this part of the world being landlocked), while in Wales it was shabby chic/DIY and craft.

Hillarys' research, which surveyed 2,944 British adults from across the UK, also found that those in the East of England love animal or pet-themed décor (14%), while those in the South East enjoy bright and bold colours (19%).

Some 41% of those surveyed from Northern Ireland said they like their home interior to give off a vintage vibe, while those in the North West prefer girly glitz and glamour (27%).

East-Midlanders like homes in the style of the 1950s (29%), while the South West is all about the eco-friendly and natural look (27%).

The North East opts for 1970s style interiors (21%), whereas Scotland likes a travel themed design (30%).

Perhaps most surprising of all was the most popular home interior trend in Yorkshire & Humberside, where 28% of people said they love leopard print décor.

Who would have thought it, eh? Those hardy souls in Yorkshire being the most likely place in the UK to deck out their home in leopard print. We’re making no judgements!

Respondents to the survey were also questioned on whether they were more willing to try out daring and out-there new styles when it comes to their clothing choices or their home interiors.

Nearly a quarter (24%) said they would be more likely to take bigger gambles with their home interiors, but 32% insisted they wouldn’t take risks with either.     

As we know, tastes can differ and home interior choices can provoke debate and criticism. So it’s little surprise that 67% of respondents said their choice of design had been criticised, with this criticism always coming from family members (the only people who can tell you what they really think and still get away with it!). Parents (63%), in-laws (51%) and siblings (43%) were the most likely to turn their noses up.

Despite these findings, here at Tepilo we would advise that subtle, neutral décor and non-outrageous interiors are likely to have the widest appeal when it comes to selling a home.

It’s best not to alienate your pool of potential buyers with anything too kooky or loud – after all, for every person who likes leopard print carpet, there are hundreds more who don’t!