Britain's favourite views

Britain's favourite views

As a property seller, you’re always trying to work out what a buyer really wants from a property.

Well, rather helpfully, recent research by retailer Hillarys has revealed the views that British homeowners most desire.  

The results aren’t hugely surprising, with beach views coming out on top (71%), closely followed by coastal landscapes (65%).

The ability to see the quaint wonder of small, picturesque village life appealed to 54% of those polled, while the British love affair with idyllic rural countryside shows no signs of abating with 39% of participants naming this as their favourite type of view.

Furthermore, the hustle and bustle of busy city life would be a draw for 24% of people, while a view of some immaculately kept landscaped gardens was the wish of 23% of those surveyed.

While beach vistas and coastal landscapes were very popular, views of historic/heritage sites and woodland were a lot lower down on the wish list.

Just 22% said they would want a view from their house of a historic or heritage site, while 21% would most like some woodland on their doorstep.   

The least popular choices were views of ‘other houses’ (15%) and a view of industrial city life (9%).

Hillarys' research also asked respondents if they currently have their ideal views at home. Only 19% stated that they did, while the average respondent said that they would be willing to pay an additional 20% for a house if it had access to their most desirable view.

Although views of the green and pleasant countryside or pretty little villages might be seen as archetypally British, it’s actually the sandy beachfront view that many desire.

As a seller, you don’t have a great deal of power over what views your home offers – you either have it or you don’t.

But if you do happen to live in a home that overlooks a beach, a coastal landscape or a picturesque village, then you have an extremely potent weapon to add to your sales armoury.

If you have the views, flaunt them.

Make buyers aware of them. It could be a deal clincher.