Top tips for the perfect kitchen flooring

Top tips for the perfect kitchen flooring

Replacing flooring is an important and valuable part of a kitchen refurbishment. Flooring in the kitchen is extremely visible and of course gets a lot of use on a daily basis, that's why it's important you strike the right balance between durability and appearance.

As we approach a busy spring in the property market, with the help of Peter Keane, Director of the Natural Wood Floor Company, we’ve put together some key tips to ensure your kitchen flooring has the WOW factor.


Mix and match

Answer this question; are you planning on redecorating your entire kitchen or just the flooring? If the whole kitchen is getting a revamp, it can be beneficial if the colour of the kitchen units and flooring are different. Having this contrast will break up the room, and in turn make the room seem more spacious.

The Natural Wood Floor Company says that having lighter units and a darker flooring works best in most properties.


Keep a hand on the purse-strings

Getting your kitchen fitted out with new flooring needn’t break the bank. If you have your heart set on wood flooring and your kitchen is likely to suit darker wood, then don’t assume that you will have to fork out on exotic and expensive timber such as walnut.

Instead, why not try baked oats or dark-stained flooring as cheaper alternatives? Furthermore, having wood flooring which is narrower in width can be cheaper, as is finding end-of-the-line bargains, so keep your eyes peeled.   


Cool and calm

If you want to be bang-on trend, several interior designers have tipped the cool shades of grey and white as ones to watch in 2016. This could be a particularly smart choice, especially as we move towards spring and summer where these paler colours will look great in the sunlight.

However, if you go for white flooring, purchase a style which also incorporates greyer tones to add texture and warmth to the room. And don’t go thinking that it is time to turn your entire kitchen white, as this is likely to make your abode look a bit outdated.


Time to jazz it up

Parquet flooring has also been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in 2016. In case you’re not au fait with this type of flooring, it comprises short strips or blocks of wood which form a pattern. Having this in your property is likely to give your kitchen more texture and helps create a bold statement.


Keep on top of maintenance

If you’re planning on getting new flooring in your kitchen, it is crucial that you treat this new addition as an investment, and as something to look after. You mustn’t think that once it has been laid it can be forgotten about.

Instead, ensure you apply a layer of protective finish to revitalize your flooring each year. However, ensure you give your new flooring a thorough clean beforehand to avoid sealing in anything unwanted.