The hottest selling locations in the UK right now

The hottest selling locations in the UK right now

We're frequently inundated with information on the latest house prices and legislation, but if you’re considering moving, what you really want to know is: how quickly can I sell my home for the best price?

A survey by Quick Move Now has revealed that the hottest locations to sell are primarily situated in London and the South East, where demand for property, especially from families, is reaching its peak.

Prospective sellers in Reading will revel in the news that the large town tops the UK's list of quickest selling locations, with properties in the area selling in 64 days on average – just over two months!

This means if you were to put your Reading property on the market now, your property sale could be done and dusted by April!

Few people will be shocked at the success of Reading's property market, as the town's popularity has been growing rapidly, particularly among investors and buyers who want to benefit from Crossrail, which will begin operation in the next few years.

This transport infrastructure will provide Reading homeowners with improved access to the capital, and is therefore likely to attract a heap of commuters who wish to purchase more affordable property.

Bristol came in at second place – with the average home in the area being on the market for just 74 days.

Across 2015, house prices here increased steadily again and the average rent rocketed, too.

The UK’s first cycling city and the home of Ribena was also given the title of best UK city in 2014 – an indication of its popularity.

Meanwhile Brighton’s quieter counterpart, Worthing, takes third place in Quick Move Now's poll, with the average property being on the market here for just 87 days.

Demand in Worthing has been primarily triggered by buyers realising that they can get much more value for their money than in neighbouring Brighton, while still benefitting from living in an area which is culturally rich and well-connected.

Hove, Colchester, Rochester, Edmonton, Milton Keynes, Swindon and Brighton made up the list of the top ten current fastest selling locations.

If you're not selling a property in Reading, Bristol, Worthing or any of the top ten locations, though, don't fear.

The property market remains in rude health which means your chances of selling your home quickly remain high, especially if you're close to good schools, a strong transport network or large open spaces.






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