How to make your buyers fall in love with your home

How to make your buyers fall in love with your home

Valentine's Day, the designated day for love, is fast-approaching and in-keeping with the occasion, here at Tepilo we thought we would give sellers across the nation tips on how to make buyers fall in love with their home.

If a buyer falls in love with your property, they are less likely to think of the practicalities of where they will be moving to, and may even be willing to compromise on criteria such as location if it means they are moving to a property they can't stop thinking about.  

It’s also likely that a buyer will be willing to up their offer in order to secure a property they've developed an emotional connection with, so it's crucial that this Valentine's – during a peak selling period – you think about how you can entice prospective property buyers.

Here are our five ways to make a buyer fall in love with your home…

Market it right

It’s impossible for buyers to fall in love with your home if they've not come across it. Buyers will only come and view your home if it has been advertised correctly, which is where your estate agent comes in.

Having superb photographs which ensure your property is seen in the best light is also crucial pre-viewing, as the quality of these images will often be the difference between securing viewings or your home being left on the shelf.  

First impressions count

An attraction to someone or something is often an instant, impulsive reaction, which is something to bear in mind when you are preparing to sell your property. The first 30 seconds after a potential buyer sets eyes on a property is important, so ensure you do everything in your power to leave a great first impression.

You can do this by making sure your property is clean and tidy, while touching up any walls or fixtures which need painting. It's also handy to give the front and back gardens the once over and with spring fast-approaching, make sure you plant some fresh shrubs and flowers to brighten up your home's exterior.

Clean and clear

A buyer will fall in love with a home if they can establish an emotional connection and envisage themselves living there. This scenario is unlikely to occur if you are a hoarder and your home is filled with unnecessary clutter.

Instead, highlight just how much space your home can offer by having a clear-out and ensuring that you have great lighting to maximise this new-found space.

Making the most of your space can also mean transforming an unused spare room into a home office, gym or playroom to further entice buyers to your property.   

Groomed garden

A recent survey from My Home Move revealed that having a 'groomed' garden is one of the top five factors that can make a buyer fall in love with a home, so it’s crucial that if you have a garden, no matter how big or small, that you maximise its potential.

Braving the cold and moving the lawn, getting rid of any weeds and planting some weather-friendly plants is not only likely to increase your chances of securing a buyer – but it could also mean you generate a higher price, too.

Don’t try to paper over repairs

When selling, if something is broke in your property – fix it. If any maintenance issues are unresolved, but disguised, then they are bound to resurface if a buyer carries out a survey and could mean they fall out of love with your home sharpish.

Painting skirting boards, getting new door handles and ensuring all light bulbs are in working order are all little jobs that could make a big difference and increase your home’s appeal to prospective buyers.