Beeny knows best - Week 10

Beeny knows best - Week 10

Week 10 of Beeny Knows Best, where our very own Sarah Beeny takes to the blog to answer your property-related questions.

My husband and I are looking to move to Dartmouth, and we've found a beautiful cottage that ticks all the boxes. However, it has a thatched roof. We love the look of a thatched roof, but have heard all sorts of horror stories about them! Are roofs like this hard to maintain, and what questions should we be asking before we consider making an offer? - Mrs Dunmore
There are some people that love thatched roofs and some that hate them.  There is no doubt that they appeal to most people in terms of how they look, but people's concerns are often born from the fact that thatched roofs don't last as long as a slate or tiled roof and they carry a higher fire risk.  That said, the cost of heating a thatched house will generally be less than other materials, so take into consideration that what you loose in replacing the thatch you are likely to recoup in lower heating costs.  I personally would not be put off a house because it was thatched, as if its the right house for you then you won't regret going for it.

I'm wanting to put my home on the market in the next six months, and overall I think it's pretty much market ready.. the only downside is our garden. We want to make sure it's looking as good as it can, but we don't to spend much money on it. What are the cheapest and most effective things we can do to spruce it up? - Monica

You can fit battery powered lighting to bring it to life, and some carefully planted plants will transform the space.  Instead of buying large plants, you can add greenery at higher level by putting shelves around the fence or wall and placing the pots at higher levels.  Lastly, try imitation grass as it looks great and is (obviously) much easier to maintain. Just a little bit of TLC here and there can really work wonders in an outside space.



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