Beeny knows best - Week 12

Beeny knows best  - Week 12

Week 12 of Beeny Knows Best, where our very own Sarah Beeny takes to the blog to answer your property-related questions.



Contracts have just been signed, and my partner and I will be moving home soon. However, we're not sure what to do with our dog when it comes to packing up and and the actual moving day itself. We don't want to spook her, but we really don't want to put her in kennels. What could we do to make this transition smoother and less scary for her? - Mr Stephens

If you don't have a friend you can leave her with and don't want to put her in kennels, I'd suggest you set up a base camp in the back of the car with her bed and water bowl in so she can feel happy and secure in there whilst packing is taking place.  Then I'd suggest getting a few familiar pieces into your new home before taking her out and introducing her to your new home.


We live in a really beautiful Georgian building, and we love the architecture of it.. the only problem is that our windows are SO drafty! We don't want to ruin the look of our beautiful windows and add double glazing (or even know if we'd be allowed?!), but what else could we do to stop this problem? - Lisa

There are various forms of secondary glazing that would hold the drafts out and help retain heat. Some of these are cheaper and some more expensive - at the more affordable end of the market you can get plastic that you can heat with a hair dryer to shrink and pull tight - at the other end of the market you can get secondary panels that can be clipped out in summer months, stored and reused.



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