Beeny knows best - Week 11

Beeny knows best  - Week 11

Week 11 of Beeny Knows Best, where our very own Sarah Beeny takes to the blog to answer your property-related questions.


We have found our dream house but the only thing is it has a north facing garden. At first, we dismissed it because of this but we just keep going back to it. It's so difficult to find the right house in the location we want because it's so popular and we really do love this house. There is a possibility of altering the front garden slightly so it's more private but is this just a compromise too far? - Louise

I actually think it's a great thing to do - you can transform a front garden into a useable space really easily.  Depending on the style of the house, I would suggest moving the entrance to your home to the front gate and fit a box letterbox and intercom to this.. and all of a sudden you have reclaimed the front garden as a private space!  

Next, you need to deal with the privacy issue with the fences, and this can be harder than you think.  You need to consider how it looks from the outside as well as the inside, whilst also giving yourself privacy and security.  Hedges take a while to grow but it is the best long term option.  I would suggest planting two rows with a fence between - plant small though as it actually ends up growing faster in a couple of years.


We're outgrowing the house we live in at the moment, but love it so much and don't want to move.. We've looked into it and are able to add an extension and a loft conversion to add an extra bedroom. We know we want to go ahead with one of them, but which do you think would be the best option? - Ms Phillips

I would probably suggest that you build an extension, as long as you are not building over a significant chunk of your garden. If you go about it this way, you can still can convert the loft at a later date, but have increased the footprint of the house. Good luck!