A unique listing that took our breath away

A unique listing that took our breath away

Sometimes a listing crops up that truly takes our breath away, and that's what happened when we were instructed to sell Haile Sand Fort.

Sick of your neighbour's barking dog, or your contant struggle to get a parking space? Well, Haile Sand Fort may be just for you!


Built between 1915-18 and used in both world wars,  Haile Sand Fort was often under attack from aircraft and submarine. It stood guard over the approaches to the Humber with gun batteries and anti-submarine net of steel mesh stretched between them across the mouth of the estuary (now removed). Originally, Haile Sand Fort had full amenities for a garrison, but now it's on the market with Tepilo for £350,000.


Three further floors exist below the deck and there's even a central two storey observation tower which was constantly manned during both world wars. The army left in 1956, but the fort was still manned until the early 1960's.


The original build cost £1.5M due to the vast amounts of heavy-duty materials used. This factor combined with years of withstanding war-time attacks means that you know you've got a solid and stable structure if you were to be the buyer!


And how do you find this property? Well, by grid reference of course! It's situated between Cleethorpes and Humberston on the Lincolnshire coast:

OS Grid Reference: TA3491206144
OS Grid Coordinates: 534912, 406144
Latitude/Longitude: 53.5346, 0.0341