South Facing Gardens vs River Views

South Facing Gardens vs River Views

Having a pretty open space to call your own is clearly a valuable asset to have, as is the opportunity to see a river from your window every day – but which adds the most value to a home?

You'll often read or hear from estate agents that having a south-facing garden can increase the value of a home by a considerable amount.                                        

South-facing gardens capture more sunlight, whereas those facing the north are more likely to block it out.

In the UK – where warm weather is unfortunately somewhat of a rarity – having a garden that acts as a suntrap is certainly advantageous.

It means plants and grass are likely to grow faster and brighter, helping to create an aesthetically pleasing refuge; perfect for entertaining.

If you’re a homeowner with a south-facing garden, then it’s an obvious plus point and one which should be utilised when selling.

Although south-facing gardens have been touted as desirable and are likely to impress buyers, it has in fact been suggested that they don’t dramatically affect property prices.

According to findings from Direct Line Home Insurance, having a south-facing garden will only increase the average property price by 0.37% - equivalent to around £800.

Maybe the desirability of a south-facing garden has been a little overemphasised?

However, here at Tepilo we believe that whatever direction your garden is facing if it's well-maintained and spacious, your chances of achieving a healthy sale price are increased.

It seems that having a river view is perhaps more valuable to property sellers as the same report suggests that a river view can add up to 9% to a property's sale price.

The study uses the example of a North London development where a three-bedroom property with a river view has an asking price of £850,000. This is 42% higher than an identically proportioned and designed property elsewhere in the development.

What studies like this hammer home is that your property's geographical location remains an all-important factor when it comes to achieving your asking price or above.

Being close to transport links, open spaces, as well as the presence of a beautiful river view could add a huge chunk onto a sale price.

However, Direct Line points out that having a property with a river view may not be all that it is cracked-up to be. Homeowners with properties located close to water may need to fork out more money on insurance.

Ultimately, having a south-facing garden or a river view may help to increase the value of your home, depending on where you live and who's looking at your property.

What remains important for all property sellers is to identify your home's key features and highlight them accordingly.