Where are home owners most positive of achieving a quick sale?

Where are home owners most positive of achieving a quick sale?

When people put their home up for sale, there's usually three things they want to achieve: the quickest sale possible, the highest price possible and the least stress possible.

Of course, selling quickly often depends significantly on fortune – the right buyer appearing at exactly the right time.

However, the current local market conditions also have a bearing on property sale times.

So where do Britain's army of homeowners think it would be quickest to sell up at the moment?

You guessed it: London. According to a survey of 1,000 home owners by Quick Move Now, half of those based in the capital are optimistic of selling within a month of going to market.

Just 13% of London-dwellers said they would expect it to take three months or more to sell their home.

At the other end of the spectrum, it seems those living in Wales are less optimistic of securing a quick sale.

Some 71% of Welsh residents questioned anticipate they'd have to wait at least three months to see a sold sign appear outside their home.

In fact, Quick Move Now reports that it takes an average of over 300 days to sell a home in Welsh locations Llandudno and Colwyn Bay.

Looking nationally, 56% of those surveyed expect their home to sell within a month and three months of going on the market.

Another study, published by property website Home.co.uk, declares that the typical (median) time on the market for a property in England and Wales is currently 117 days – nine days fewer than in January 2015.

The best performing regions are currently the South East, Greater London and the East, with respective typical marketing durations of 80, 85, and 87 days.

Scotland (149) and the North East (159) are two of the regions with the longest typical marketing times but, unfortunately, this is another report where Wales comes off worst with a typical marketing time of 162 days.

Quick Move Now's study also looked at what owners deem to add value to a home before it is put up for sale and a number of well-documented features, including proximity to good schools and local amenities, were again popular among respondents.

Interestingly, just 3% of family owners looking to put their property up for sale perceive that a conservatory is a feature that will entice other families, while only 7% deemed an en-suite important for attracting offers.

We've seen before, however, that many British home owners are in favour of more realistic renovations like en-suites and if done properly, these projects can add a significant boost to a home's value.

Property value is one thing and selling time is another, but when it comes to both, getting your marketing strategy right combined with a little bit of luck are the keys to achieving your property selling goals.


Tepilo's quick tips for a quick sale:


- Choose the right estate agent for your needs

- Get the 'staging' right to impress viewers

- Make sure your property is marketed to the widest possible audience




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