Why decisive buyers might not actually be that hard to find

Why decisive buyers might not actually be that hard to find

Selling a home can sometimes be a long-winded and frustrating process. But that is not always the case. If you are able to get keen buyers on board, the chances of pushing through a sale in double quick time are much higher.

There is likely to be less hardball negotiation and fewer stumbling blocks put in the way if both you and a buyer are on the same page.

Popular belief would suggest that buyers are slow and indecisive when it comes to finding their dream home. But there is evidence to suggest that this is somewhat of a myth.

New research by conveyancing firm My Home Move has revealed that Britain is, in fact, a nation of decisive homebuyers.

In news that will be music to the ears of prospective sellers across the country, the survey found that British buyers tend to fall in love with homes quickly and act fast to purchase said homes to ensure they don’t miss out.

Some 61% of those surveyed were able to buy the home they initially fell in love with, while 25% of people only needed to see one property before deciding to buy.

Those hunting for homes also work out very quickly whether they like a property or not, once again highlighting the importance of first impressions when it comes to selling a home.

Meanwhile, 26% of buyers make the decision to purchase before they’ve even viewed the whole of a property.

Even more astonishingly, one in five people make the decision on whether to buy or not within 30 seconds of entering the property. Some (8%) even know before they enter the property!

These particular findings are similar to a Which? report highlighting that 10% of people bought a property in the past five years without viewing it all.

This is definitely not recommended practice but it is an indicator of some home buyers' rigid decisiveness.

On the other hand, 17% of respondents said they needed a second viewing to make sure the home was 100% right for them.

As for the reasons why homeowners were not able to buy a property, top of the list was being outbid by another buyer – not such bad news for sellers, of course, if your home is being fought over by a number of buyers. That’s got to be a good sign.

Furthermore, gazumping was another major reason why buyers were unable to buy.   

As a seller, our advice here at Tepilo is much the same as usual. Be friendly, helpful and accommodating when it comes to viewings, make your home look as presentable and attractive as possible, and be on the ball with any correspondence to make sure delays are kept to an absolute minimum.

This, coupled with finding buyers who fit the decisive mould set out above, should massively improve your chances of selling.