Could bad carpets be stopping homes from selling?

Could bad carpets be stopping homes from selling?

Want to ensure your property sells like a hotcake instead of being left stagnant on the property shelf? Well it appears that one of the things that could be holding you back is having awful carpets.


In a poll of estate agents, carried out by Wickes, ghastly carpets were named as one of the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers, with stained carpets getting 61% of the vote, and 1970’s style carpets coming in a close second with 53%.

Having old-fashioned, stained carpets may seem like an insignificant detail, and one which a potential buyer may overlook, but these findings clearly demonstrate otherwise.

Neglecting your carpets may give a prospective property buyer the wrong impression of your home. You want them to notice that you have given the property some TLC, and that it is a home worth buying.

Carpet mishaps are easily remedied, though, with 68% of the agents participating claiming that giving the offending carpets a professional clean can heighten the chances of a quick sale for the property seller.

Removing the carpet altogether and replacing it with a wood or vinyl flooring is also recognised as a positive selling move, with good-quality flooring - that is consistent across the whole property - getting top marks with many buyers.

Having wood or vinyl flooring could make your property instantly more attractive to families with young children, who may be conscious of costly carpet spillages. Not only could it dramatically increase the likelihood of a sale, but research also suggests that fitting new flooring can add something in the region of £2,500 to the value of your home!

If you’re considering marketing your property for sale this winter it’s important to note that old fashioned décor in general proved particularly unpopular with potential buyers. According to this recent poll, 49% claimed that artex ceilings and woodchip wallpaper are also a massive interior design faux pas.

Ultimately when a buyer views your property, they want to see a home which is well-maintained, needs minimal work, and allows for an injection of personality.

But don’t fear, this poll also revealed some secrets on how to rectify these property mishaps and ensure your property won’t be short of a viewing or two.

The number one tip to sell your home in a flash is to ensure each room is painted in a neutral colour. Keeping it simple with a minimal décor will attract the widest pool of buyers, as they will then view it as more of a blank canvas. Plus, minimal colours will never go out of style.

Non-integrated kitchens were also named as a huge turn-off, so if you’re willing to splash the cash to entice potential buyers, then having a kitchen re-fit could be the way forward. Pulling out all the stops to create an ideal kitchen space is crucial, as its importance within the home has undoubtedly increased in recent years.

If you’re thinking about putting your property on the market, it’s worth taking note of these property do’s and don’ts as it will not only mean you could sell your home quicker, but making a few small alterations can also add value to your home.