The return of the dining room

The return of the dining room

The perhaps once-forgotten dining room is experiencing a comeback, according to interior design experts.

Rather than getting rid, it seems that many homeowners are switching up the composition of their property to incorporate a dining room, as a well-designed, separate dining area is climbing its way back up the property buyer's wish list.

So whether you’re looking to attract buyers or are simply looking to spruce up your home, investing in or keeping hold of a dining room space could be beneficial…

Over time, there has been a marked change in people’s mealtime attitudes. TV dinners on the sofa appear to have fallen out of favour, with over a third of families choosing to ditch the habit.

Instead, 50% of parents have said in a survey that they try to get all of the family sitting together at the dinner table at least once a week.

With more Britons working 48 hours or more a week, according to the TUC, it’s great to have a dining area where families can reconnect and spend quality time together without the distraction of a noisy TV booming in the background.

This growing trend to place greater focus on dining arrangements is particularly important at this time of year, when plans are hatched about who is coming over for Christmas. During the festive period, gathering at the table to eat, drink and be merry is a must – and it isn’t the same without a well-designed dining area.

When surveyed by Anglian Home Improvements, homeowners were very clear on what they wanted from a dining room. Over 60% said they would prefer the dining area to be in a completely separate room, rather than being combined with a kitchen or living room.

One potential reason for this is that often our dining areas will be used to entertain guests; people who won’t necessarily want to see the aftermath of our cooking exploits!

Entertaining guests at home has become increasingly popular partly due to the success of TV cookery shows. The feats of Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Lorraine Pascale, as well as the impressive efforts on The Great British Bake Off have helped to increase the appeal of cooking great food at home.

Many homeowners are now jumping on the bandwagon and choosing to decorate their dining areas, with 89% of those recently surveyed by Furniture123 choosing to spend more on redecorating their dining area than any other room.

Of course, when choosing to decorate a dining area, one of the first things to to think about is the dining table, which should be the room's focal point. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for any occasion is also a must; candles and a dimmer switch to control the level of lighting will often do the trick.

It is important to remember when purchasing a new table that it’s just the right size for the room, too. Buy one too large, and you’re likely to swamp the room, yet you still want it to be able to seat an ample amount of people. If you feel that space or budget is inhibiting you then extendable tables or bench seating could be the answer.