Mind your manners when selling your home

Mind your manners when selling your home

We often give advice and tips on how sellers can get their home sold. But a new survey has now revealed the things that are most likely to deter would-be buyers from purchasing a property, with rude sellers and bad neighbours among the main reasons for the sales process to hit the buffers.

Some 42% of those surveyed said they would withdraw from buying a house if faced with a rude seller, while nearly one in three would seek to punish the offending seller by reducing their offer.

Furthermore, employing an unpleasant or annoying estate agent could also harm a vendor’s chances of selling, with 35% saying that would be enough of a reason to scrap a deal altogether, while 19% would make a lower offer.

Noisy or troublesome neighbours, too, were seen as a major issue, with 70% of people citing this as a problem that would see them pull out of a house purchase.

The poll conducted by property guide SellingUp.com also found that a poor energy rating would potentially put off 75% of buyers, while a lack of mobile phone signal would be the final straw for 53%.

Meanwhile, poor home security would be the final nail in the coffin of a house purchase for 77% of people, while aeroplane noise (41%) and evidence of pests (44%) were other major reasons why buyers might be deterred.

A messy garden, too, could be another significant issue, while 25% would think twice about a property if it was located on a street with an embarrassing name.

Those with properties next door to cemeteries could also be affected, with 31% outlining this as a deal-breaker.

Naturally, some of these issues will be beyond a seller’s control – aeroplane noise, bad mobile phone signal and an embarrassing street name spring to mind. Not a lot can be done about these.

On the other hand, there are steps sellers can take to make their property as presentable as possible to buyers. Messy gardens, for example, can be cleaned up without too much time, effort or hassle.

Improving home security is also something that can be done with relative ease. Calling in a security specialist – to check how secure your home really is – might set you back a few hundred pounds, but it will be worth it in the long-run if it adds significant value to your asking price.

Similarly, if you have an issue with pests, it would be a prudent measure to hire a pest control company to ensure your home is pest-free. Again, this might cost in the short-term, but it will have plenty of benefits when it comes to selling your property.

You can also improve your chances by being friendly and courteous throughout. As we can see from the above survey, rude sellers will not be tolerated well. It could result in a lower offer or a complete withdrawal from the buyer.

The house selling process can be frustrating and long-winded at times, but remaining calm, patient and well-mannered will really boost your chances of pushing through a sale.    



*Research conducted by www.SellingUp.com