Get to know the latest luxury kitchen trends

Get to know the latest luxury kitchen trends

For many people, the kitchen is quite simply the heart of the home: a place for socialising, cooking, family meals, baking and hosting dinner parties. From time to time, it’s also the room which could make-or-break a property sale, so it’s vital that it's full potential is maximised.

These days sellers need to be particularly aware of the kitchen’s importance, as in some cases – especially at the higher end of the market – potential buyers will expect a newly designed kitchen. More often than not, though, buyers will at least want it to be fitted with some of the latest mod-cons before they move in.

It was revealed that an integrated wine cooler has been the most popular luxury kitchen item in the past 12 months, according to around half of the kitchen designers and property developers recently surveyed by Direct Line.

This has, however, only been a recent trend, with a third claiming that the demand for this item has only started to increase significantly in the last year.

It’s comes as no surprise that a wine cooler is the leading luxury item in a modern kitchen. Wine continues to dominate the kitchen table, as staying in slowly becomes the new going out for many. A functional and aesthetically pleasing item, wine coolers are now installed into high-end properties as standard, according to 50% of developers surveyed.

In at second on the list of must-have kitchen items is a boiling water tap. Convenience is often the key with buyers looking for luxury homes – they’re likely to be working people with hectic lives, so anything that can make their life a little easier will be attractive to them. A boiling water tap is great if you have guests, as you don’t have to wait forever for the kettle to boil!

Although installing a boiling water tap can mean that the property buyer can benefit from using less energy and water, a great selling point in itself, this item can be pricey. The average boiling water tap costs around £1,000. If you do choose to splash the cash (pun intended!) on expensive kitchen items like this then it is wise to make sure you've got the you get insurance to cover them too.

An induction hob has also been a popular addition in many homes in the past year. An induction hob is particularly attractive to the modern day buyer as it's not only 50% more efficient than an electric hob, but it’s also much easier to clean, which would again appeal to those buyers who are on the hunt for convenient kitchen solutions.

Keeping up with the latest trends which are attractive to buyers should always be at the top of your agenda when selling your home. Often what is attractive to a buyer, especially those at the higher end of the market, is the attention to detail. So, by ensuring your property doesn’t get left behind by fitting it with some of the latest in-demand mod-cons, you'll increase your chances of attracting buyers in their droves.